Effective data privacy tool for business success

Employing efficient data privacy tools and building a company security culture can assist businesses in the fight against hackers


Business owners across the country are finally wising up when it comes to data privacy, and are beginning to employ more tools in the fight against hackers and those seeking to exploit your data. Countless entrepreneurs are finding it hopelessly confusing to identify data privacy tools worth their time and money, however, and don’t know where to begin when it comes to the actual implementation of these tools into their company infrastructure.

Here are some of the top data privacy tools on the market today, and how you can go about melding them into your existing IT infrastructure without causing a total meltdown.

Finding the right tool for the job

Like any good job, securing your business’ data privacy begins with finding the right tool, one that’s not too expensive but nonetheless sufficient to achieve your goals. On that front, there’s good news for business owners, namely that there is a huge plethora of options when it comes to securing your IT infrastructure. Not all data privacy tools are created equally, however, and some are definitely better investments than others. How can you go about sorting the good from the bad?

The first thing you will want to do is figure out what needs protecting and what doesn’t. Your employee's email system, for instance, is often of crucial importance. If your emails are leaked to the world or stolen by hackers, they can be used to exploit you or to harm your business by revealing your secrets to competitors. That’s why it’s very important for entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes and backgrounds to invest in email encryption. One of the most popular options for that today is Virtru, which offers end-to-end encryption for businesses and now that the company is teaming up with Google, it’s services are only set to improve.

More than investing in this kind of tool, you need to instill a culture of security in your employees. No matter what you encrypt into your communications platforms, you need to make it clear to employees what can and cannot be sent via email, and to review password protocols often. As you will soon discover, this is just as important a step in securing your data privacy as enlisting the help of an impressive new piece of software.

Emails aren’t the only thing that matters, of course. Data backups are more important now than ever before and can be targeted by hackers who think you’re slovenly when it comes to encrypting your backups. When it comes to finding the best backup option for your company, you should follow the advice of the US Small Business Administration, relying on a dual-faceted strategy of external hard drives and backing up on the web. Dropbox is an incredibly popular and secure off-site storage service, and allows businesses to try their services for the first 30 days free.

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Building a security culture

After you determine which cloud-based storage service fits your business’ needs the most, and an encryption tool that serves your purpose, you need to build a security culture so that your employees know how to use the new tools. There’s no use giving a sword to someone who can’t swing it, and your business is wasting their time and money if it is providing digital shields to employees who can’t lift them for protection. In other words, if you’re serious about data privacy, start investing in the IT savviness of your rank-and-file workers. This includes implementing privacy tools journalists use on a regular basis to prevent government snooping and to protect their sources.

Regularly holding security training sessions is just as important as getting fancy new data privacy tools, if not even more so. The best practices in data security revolve not around finding the best pieces of software or hardware, but rather the best workers, who are digitally flexible and capable of practicing sound decision-making on a daily basis. Still, there are certain data privacy tools which can be indispensable in the fight against outside intruders.

Certain things like VMWare Airwatch, for instance, can be instrumental towards securing the mobile phones used by your workers. Highly recommended by Gartner, any business owner can enroll in a fully-functional product trial that will let them test-run the service for up to 100 devices, perfect for most businesses. This is the kind of software that will enforce passcode usage and identifies history requirements, meaning hackers who get their hands on a physical device from your company will still be troubled when it comes to breaching your IT security.

Data privacy tools are only as effective as those wielding them. It can’t be stated enough that human beings are the weakest link in the information security chain. Regularly invest in your employees and teach them to be flexible with disparate software, and you’ll soon find their usage of the above tools to be a fundamental driver of your business’ robust data security regime.

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