Dyson prepares to begin testing its "radical" new electric car

Dyson has revealed plans to build a 10-mile test track in England to test electric car slated for release in 2020


Dyson, which announced earlier this year that it has invested £2bn ($2.6bn) in the creation of its own electric car, have now revealed plans to invest a further £116m ($150m) on a car-testing facility in Wilshire, England.

Company founder James Dyson outlined the company's plans to build the test track over an old World War Two airfield. He said that Dyson had secretly been working on the project for the last two years, adding that the company had already renovated two former hangers on the site.

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Dyson, which is better known for its vacuum technology and other consumer electronics, is banking on its innovative culture to help it gain footing in the burgeoning electric car market. James Dyson even alleged in a recent GQ interview that Dyson's electric car will have "some" driverless features and may not even look like a car in the traditional sense.

"What we're doing is quite radical," Dyson remarked.

The company has not revealed any further details regarding a possible prototype but have disclosed that the new car testing campus will employ around 400 automotive staff members who will move into three buildings currently being redeveloped on the site in a couple months.

Dyson chief executive Jim Rowan commented: "We are now firmly focused on the next stage of our automotive project strengthening our credentials as a global research and development organization."

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