Don't Make Workplace Training A Drag

Seriously, avoid it at all costs


According to the latest statistics, over 40 percent of employees who receive little or no on-the-job training leave their position within their first year of employment. Unfortunately, when this happens, an employer loses the investment it has made, in terms of time and money spent on hiring that employee. However, the smartest employers realize employees are their most important investment, so having a great on-the-job training program usually leads to increased productivity and growth. In order to make sure workplace training programs give employees the skills needed to succeed, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration.

Take Advantage Of Mentoring

In majority of the companies, using the knowledge of seasoned employees to help those just beginning their careers can be a great way to establish an effective workplace training program. By letting new employees learn from those who are already doing the job, trainees can be put at ease much quicker and may feel free to ask their mentor questions, they may hesitate to ask management personnel. To get the most out of this training program, be sure to evaluate possible mentors to determine who has the unique skillset needed to motivate others and make training fun and informative.

Emphasize Updated Technology

If there is one thing that frustrates today's employees, it's trying to do their jobs using outdated technology. To make their jobs easier and also provide an enjoyable and informative training experience, upgrade to the latest technology and then use it to make training sessions as interesting as possible. Surprisingly, surveys among employees suggest that providing them with the latest technology tools make their jobs seem not only more exciting, but also instill a tremendous sense of loyalty. By using the latest technological tools in your training and allowing employees the chance to expand their skills, the workplace can become more innovative and efficient.

Determine How People Learn

It happens that not all employees learn the same way, the best instructors implement various types of training exercises into workplace training sessions. Examples of training exercises that prove to be very effective include role-playing exercises, practice completing tasks through simulation, breaking into groups to discuss personal experiences, and even having employees read, take tests, or complete other independent activities. Using enterprise gamification techniques to take advantage of people's predisposition to compete against themselves and one another, many training sessions can then have friendly competitions incorporated into their training exercises, creating a much more vibrant environment. Very useful in group activities, this can encourage competition and often let new and innovative ideas emerge.

Employee Appreciation

  1. To gain the most from workplace training sessions, employees should feel appreciated by their instructor. Realizing that all employees expect to have a training program that appreciates their life skills and lets them feel as if they are valuable members of the team from the beginning, today's workplace instructors give employees the sense they are embarking on an important job that they as a team and alone can do better than anyone. An efficient practical training provides employees with useful skills they can begin implementing immediately, workers then gain a taste of success they are motivated to find over and over again on the job.

By keeping these and other factors in mind before, during, and after workplace training sessions, employers can ensure employees return to their jobs with high levels of motivation and preparedness. Whether it's teaching employees how to use the latest software packages or helping them gain a better understanding of new company rules and regulations, there's no doubt that engaging and useful workplace training will lead to increased productivity.

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