Why we still need email marketing

Modern email marketing campaign essentials explained


Every single day we receive a barrage of automated email newsletters, special offers, discounts, ads, etc. that offer us the products we don’t need and the services we never looked for. Most often we delete them and consequently unsubscribe with a clear conscience. But occasionally we get a letter that is intriguing and makes us open and sometimes even share it, and then recommend the product offered to other people. What’s the catch? What emails should be sent in order to be read?

For a start, let’s determine all kinds of emails that actually may be sent:

  • Marketing emails:These are mostly informational or promotional letters sent to a group of people interested in your activity and who asks to keep them in touch, such as customers, affiliates, reporters, vendors, etc. Marketing emails comprise a great variety of content, though most are used to send sales promotions, announcements, follow-ups, surveys, newsletters and the like. MailChimp marketing service is a good example in that regard. Being a popular email marketing platform that delivers millions of emails each day, Mailchimp lets people subscribe for lists by automatically adding a new contact to your campaign contact list whenever a person completes a Wufoo form, for instance.
  • Transactional emails: These emails are usually sent automatically and are triggered by customers’ activities. This could include order tracking, welcome messages, approved commissions, subscription confirmations, etc. By no means should this kind of emails be neglected by online stores. When a customer completes at least one procedure and you send a transactional email after that, it opens up more opportunities for further engagement and cross-selling.
  • Operational emails: These emails contain essential information about your ongoing business activities such as technical maintenance plans, holiday and weekend closures, services availability, etc. These letters may seem absolutely informative, they can be elaborated to increase the level of sales and improve the image of your company. Thus, if you warn your customers about the upcoming maintenance when your service is down, it is a wonderful way to point out the value you provide.

Does your business need an email marketing strategy?

According to email marketing statistics, email ranks third in most powerful sources of information for B2B audience following the industry lead decision makers and colleague recommendations. Thus, 59% of email marketers confirm that email is the most effective channel in terms of income-earning. Without any doubt, effective email marketing is an extremely powerful instrument in reaching present and potential clients for any successful business. It lets customer enhance the relationships and keep pointing out the ways to liaise with a certain company.

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Core aspects of exceptional marketing emails

When you send an email to your recipients, it’s crucial to realize what you’re aiming to achieve and build an appropriate strategy consequently. Expertly written marketing campaign grabs the audience attention in overflowing inboxes at once and provides a chance to interact in future. However, it is not that simple as it all seems. Let’s consider some tips that ensure its success:

  1. Email personalization: Luckily, the days of same-fits-all messaging popularity are long gone. Today, competent email marketers are aiming to involve personalization in emails that seem to be custom-friendly for each person. Personalized emails have the edge over simple inbox letters as tailored essential material, ensure email to be opened and enhance client’s perception by sending an individual message to the right person at the right time.
  2. Avoid old-school emails: Outdated emails are considered to be ‘dead.’ Wistia research found that emails that include a video gain a 300% higher ‘click on’ rate than the emails without. Thus, to develop your clients’ trust, let them understand what is happening behind the scene of your business. An email that contains a conversation with a business owner captured on video is much more personal than words on a screen. It helps to make your communication closer and attract subscribers for future collaboration.
  3. Make emails gadgets’ friendly: According to email marketing BlueHornet report, almost two-thirds of consumers would make a purchase via an email on their mobile device and 80.3% would simply delete the email if it is not mobile-optimized. It’s your call!
  4. Encourage customers to reply: Talk to readers in person and always try to ensure your message sounds as if it was written by a real person who really cares, and not some no-face marketing machine. The reason is to inspire the receivers to respond showing that you are responsive to their opinion.
  5. Check spam regulations: Make sure that your emails do not collide with any regulations like the CAN-SPAM act, avoid using caps, exclamation marks and hyperbolic phrases such as “ORDER NOW AS CLOCK IS TICKING,” etc.
  6. Brevity is the soul of wit: Always use short word combinations and sentences, as well as a strong subject line relevant to your recipients that is highlighted. Include a solid offer to hold the customers’ interest. Make sure it’s concise and brings the main idea to the users upfront. Don’t make your customers get bored and read the long writing, they won’t appreciate it much.
  7. Relevant CTA: Outstanding marketing emails should comprise an effective Call-To-Action. If trademarks take up customers’ time and hold their attention, each letter has to be meaningful and up to the point.
  8. Make it easy to unsubscribe at any time: When a recipient wants to delete their name from your list and do not find such a feature, your email will be flagged as spam that is not really good for your business.
  9. Avoid cheesing the audience off: Check how often you send messages to your subscribers. If you clutter their inbox with offers and adds, they might get cranky and eventually unsubscribe.
  10. Include visually conspicuous buttons: The goal of most email marketing campaigns is to boost traffic to a website or a certain landing page. Unfortunately, no clicks mean no interested clients. In most cases striking buttons with a message give readers more than one opportunity to interact.

Proceeding to email marketing campaign

You’ve definitely carried it out in this way or another. You already know that email marketing is not difficult to implement, still needs some specific level of expertise. Depending on how deep and comprehensive your campaign is going to be, you choose the most appropriate tactic for your business.

  1. Complex marketing campaign includes email marketing along with SMM, SEO, and content marketing: It requires a lot of work and entails profound knowledge of all marketing aspects. It’s the most encompassing campaign you can ever conduct. You need either a team of experts to perform the needed actions, or, if you want to save on some money, turn to multiple marketing agencies such as WiserBrand. Most often, such agencies have a dedicated team of professionals who know their responsibilities and do their job to their best.
  2. Email marketing only: You have little time and a tight budget to spend a lot on email campaigns. Why not turn to the MailChimp mentioned above or Salesforce, then? That won’t take much out of your pocket if anything at all, but let you properly organize the email sending to every user. Together with the email sending, you’ll get additional perks for your business development.
  3. Benefit from other websites: Many websites provide small and mid-sized businesses to use their platforms for business placement, review collection, sharing content about the services, etc. That means if you don’t have your own website and is only getting started with the online presence, the best advice is to benefit from such platforms. You can take HireRush, for instance. They enable email send-out to your customers if you want to get a review about the work performed.

Email marketing is the cheapest and the most popular marketing strategy implemented worldwide. We send and receive hundreds of thousands of emails every day so it’s our duty to make the emails of our companies stand out among others, right?

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