Deloitte to offer blockchain-backed government-issued IDs

Professional services giant partners with Attest to integrate blockchain technology for digital identity ID management


A new collaboration between Deloitte and Chicago-based identity management company Attest will target Deloitte's government clients with a digital ID management system powered and secured by blockchain technology.

From the collaboration, Deloitte will leverage Attest's existing digital offerings, Attest Wallet and Attest Enterprise.

Attest Wallet, a consumer application, offers users security when sharing verified personal data with governments and businesses, while Attest Enterprise, comprised of two application interfaces, offers businesses and governments authentication, authorization and consent management tools.

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Deloitte Consulting managing director Wendy Henry said that working alongside Attest will enable it to assist in providing enhanced digital identity solutions for its government clients.

"In the blockchain pilots we've run with our government clients, digital identity can be a thorny issue," Henry said. "While many companies are looking at using a personal wallet in which the individual has control of their digital identity credential, government must serve the whole of citizens, including those who may not be able to accept the control of their identity credential in a digital form."

The collaboration follows on from Deloitte's recent report, Assessing blockchain applications for the public sector, which explored six factors to consider when assessing the readiness for application of blockchain technology in government organizations.


Photo by: Jonathan Denney

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