Deloitte and SAP to offer "on-the-shelf" cloud-based solutions for businesses

Deloitte has signed an agreement with SAP SE to sell and support ready-to-deploy applications and digital services with SAP Cloud Platform


Deloitte has announced a new agreement with its global services partner SAP SE to launch three offerings to drive cloud-based solutions via SAP Cloud Platform and support digital enterprise transformation.

According to Deloitte, as per the new agreement, Deloitte will leverage the SAP Cloud Platform, a platform as a service (PaaS). The PaaS platform as stated by Deloitte is designed to accelerate digital transformation, a cost-efficient solution in comparison to on-premise infrastructure, Deloitte reported.

With the new services, Deloitte's principal and global SAP practice leader Jan Waals said that the company is on track to launch the three offerings via SaaS applications on the SAP Cloud Platform. The first offering will aim to increase streamline digital transformations for businesses, the second will aim to optimize time-management and operational support and lastly the third will look to reduce the need for new skillsets from the adoption of machine-learning and data science applications.

The new offerings, announced with no launch date, will be powered by SAP Leonardo with the goal of enhancing supply chain processes such as managing cold-chain logistics, an application to transform the goods-receipt/invoice-receipt process and a solution to enable risk-sensing capabilities in the finance industry, Waals said.

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Furthermore, Deloitte said that from the digital offerings customers will be able to integrate services from a range of Deloitte' SAP Cloud solutions regardless of their ERP system currently in place. As an example, customers can integrate SAP Leonardo on a subscription basis, which includes a portfolio of offerings ranging from blockchain, machine learning and big data.

"These new offerings help businesses that use SAP solutions with the challenges of building and maintaining cutting-edge digital capabilities in the cloud," Deloitte's head of SAP practice Abdi Goodarzi said. "Instead, solutions are on the shelf, ready for clients to subscribe and deploy, with Deloitte, a leader in SAP technology enablement, working behind the scenes to support and enhance them."

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