Dell announces plans to introduce IoT solutions to meet digital age demands

Dell Technologies Edge and IoT Solution Division working with partners to introduce machine intelligence into IoT solutions to help provide automated business insights


Dell Technologies has announced its plans to provide its Internet of Things (IoT) solutions which it hopes will simplify the deployment of edge computing and bridge the gap between IoT adoption and the provision of data-driven insights.

The solutions were created by Dell Technologies' Edge and IoT Solutions Division to support its computer vision strategy with its first IoT solution unveiled being its IoT Solution for Surveillance. The development integrates imaging sensors and machine intelligence to assist computer vision.

According to Ken Mills, GM of IoT, surveillance and security at Dell and Mike McDonough, Dell's IoT solutions development leader, "This solution lays the foundation for our computer vision strategy which integrates traditional video with IoT and other technologies to 'see' more than ever before.

"Finally, this solution creates new linkages between three important customer organizations. It enables operational technology (OT) from the world of facilities and security organizations and the resiliency of the IT world to coexist in a single solution."

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According to Dell, its IoT Solution for Surveillance will offer increased ROI, and reduced risk of data loss and service disruption.

The new solutions, according to Dell, will derive from a collaborated effort with its partners, such as leveraging Intel's computer vision and analytical technology. Johnathan Ballon, VP of the IoT group at Intel, said that the new solution powered by Intel products would offer valuable business insights from edge to cloud.


Written by Innovation Enterprise Digital Content Editor, Simorin Pinto

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