DATAx presents: Seven places worth visiting while in New York

Ahead of this month's DATAx festival in New York, we look at the best places for our delegates to visit during their time in The City That Never Sleeps


DATAx is coming to New York and while the festival itself will be completely unmissable, with presentations from numerous data and AI experts spanning five different industries, the question remains…what else are you going to do with yourself while you're in the Big Apple?

To help some of our guests who are traveling in from all over the world have the best possible time, DATAx presents its selection for some of the best places to visit while chilling in the Big Apple.

The Paley Center for Media

Formerly known as the Museum of Television & Radio, this is the place for you to be if there's an old show you loved as a kid. The museum boasts more than 150,000 formerly broadcasted items in its collection, meaning you will probably find something which will send your nostalgia senses into overdrive.

Strand Bookstore

If you love books, there are few places worthier of your patronage than a place with the slogan: "18 miles of books". Founded in 1927, this emporium will scratch both your historical itch and satisfy even the most ravenous of bookworms.

With one of the biggest collections of second-hand books in the world, it's no wonder that in 2016 the New York Times called it the "undisputed king of the city’s independent bookstores".

Great Women of New York Walking Tour

For a culturally enlightening experience of the Big Apple, take the two-and-a-half-hour stroll around the city and learn about some of the most influential women to shape this city over the decades.

From the original native American women who first settled the island to the courageous female first-responders who stepped up during 9/11, learn about a some of the lesser discussed heroes who have called this city home.

Toy Tokyo Underground

Another bastion for the deeply nerdy, Toy Tokyo Underground is a showroom which explores the pop art genre through primarily designer toy collections but also through other mediums such as canvas and film.

The trend originated in Japan but with the growing popularity of nerd culture across the US, especially the limited toy craze, galleries such as these have gained mainstream popularity and are great places to geek-out over your long gone childhood toys.


Nerd-culture doesn't get geekier than at the Barcade. Created for the older, more distinguished geek, this establishment's focus on providing "an endless rotation of American craft beer and an equally eclectic lineup of classic arcade games" is enough to keep you entertained for hours.

Step into this time capsule and let the 90s rock soundtrack and old-school arcade favorites such as Asteroid and Donkey Kong take you back to a place when the most recognizable AI use case was Skynet…

Sleep No More

Sleep No More is an immersive theatrical experience which aims to take you into the action. Started in the UK, the show has since moved to New York and is extending its run due to public demand.

The company is currently performing Shakespeare's classic play Macbeth, portraying it through its own "darkly, cinematic lens," and offering audiences something categorically unique.


Mmuseumm is one of the more unusual museums you will visit in New York or anywhere else for that matter. Mmuseumm is a natural history museum which is focused on "object journalism".

Object journalism is a roundabout way of saying this odd place (which is a six-foot-by-six room) is a design museum all about people. As the gallery itself says: "Now is always weird. Now must have been weird for the Neanderthals. Now was certainly weird during the Middle Ages. And now is definitely weird now."

To have the chance to be a part of this monumental data extravaganza, visit DATAx New York on December 12–13, 2018.

Check out the full agenda, speaker list and buy your tickets HERE.

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