DATAx brings real-world data science to Singapore

More than 500 attendees help make Day One of DATAx Singapore 2019 a success as the data world converges on the Lion City


DATAx Singapore kicked off today with a plethora of speakers and delegates addressing the key issues facing the world of business, AI, data and analytics.

Day One of the festival, which is being held under the theme "Data science in the real world", featured speakers and panelists from big names in the business community including Visa, IBM, Frost & Sullivan, Oracle and Lazada.

Speaking on the DATAx Leadership and Innovation stage during the first morning session of this year's event, Dr. Meri Rosich, CDO and head of data science at Visa, spoke about today's biggest challenges in respect to the scale of data, which she stated were: "Explainability and ensuring there isn't human bias."

Dr. Rosich also explained to delegates that when hiring, she "looks for people who come from different backgrounds such as airlines, mobile and gaming" as the payments giant looks to address some of the data talent and knowledge issues it faces.

With more than 500 delegates in attendance including technology leaders, financial innovators and experts on smart cities, as well as representatives from emerging startups and Singapore government bodies, the event looks to have caught the imagination of Singapore's booming data sector.

The AI in Finance afternoon session grabbed the attention of the fiscally-focused delegates in attendance with speakers from the likes of Standard Chartered Bank and Singapore Exchange Limited, while the Woman in AI Lunch brought some of the major issues facing gender disparity in the tech world to the fore, and offered solutions on how to solve them.

Chris Clarke, head of events at DATAx Singapore organizers Innovation Enterprise, remarked: "DATAx Singapore has brought 500 multidiscipline data scientists from across the APAC region to share challenges and work together to push data science forwards through intra-industry collaboration.

"Real-life practitioners from Visa, Axiata, World Vision and American Express have been sharing their ground-breaking success stories and we are delighted that DATAx is continuing to shape the data science community," he added.

Speaking on the Data-Driven Marketing stage at DATAx Singapore, Pedro Uria-Recio, group VP and head of analytics at Axiata, declared: "Hey millennials! You'll be dead before the end of offline marketing."

During his session entitled "Leveraging analytics for more efficient media attribution and allocation", Uria-Recio reassured delegates that the world of offline marketing remains alive, having measured the impact and performance of offline media such as TV over the last 40 years, with each of Axiata's companies spending about $10m a month on advertising, of which 50% goes into offline media.

The event continues tomorrow with speakers and panelists including Netflix senior data scientist Grace Tang (DATAx Leadership and Innovation) and Tejas Shah, director – BI, analytics and integration at L'Oréal (AI and Big Data Analytics), as well as a much-anticipated afternoon session on Smart Cities featuring presentations from Dyson, DNV GL, Eco Business and IoTSG.

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