​DATALVT and QED partner to bring blockchain to the mass market

DATALVT - "The partnership is a key step in our quest for true digital transformation"


Disruptive tech company DATALVT has partnered with digital transformation consultancy QED Consulting in an effort to bring the real-world applications of blockchain to the masses.

DATALVT, a data analytics platform, helps provide its users with integrated and correlated insights and is secured by blockchain. Its groundbreaking partnership with QED has come about in an effort to leverage QED's strategic counsel and help them understand what consumers really want. DATALVT said that it views the partnership as a key step in its “quest for true digital transformation”, stating that it hoped the move would help them begin to implement correlated analytics at a mass scale.

In an effort to help better integrate QED, Michelle Yeo, one of the co-founders of DATALVT, has joined their senior management team.

"This partnership offers a unique value proposition where we combine the best of both data analytics with strategic counsel to create new opportunities to understand customers at a much deeper level than ever before,” Yeo remarked.

“Conversely, this explosion of data has seen some high-profile data breaches, and with that, the impending burdens of data privacy that hints at the prospect of a dystopian future. The partnering up of DATAVLT's proprietary blockchain technology together with QED is a move toward a true digital economy."

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