Data Viz Poster Competition

We have a competition for the best data viz poster at #Dataviz15


The Innovation Enterprise is hosting a poster competition ahead of our upcoming Data Visualization Summit. We invite you to follow the steps below to submit your posters for the competition. This is a unique chance to showcase your skills, ideas and understanding to an executive led audience of Big Data and Data Visualization Guru's in an informal setting, plus there are great prizes to be won!

All entries will be reviewed by our conference committee who will select the top 3 in with a chance of winning the grand prize (TBA).

The Brief

The criteria for entry is to submit a visualization that represents data in a digestible way for those without technical expertise or background. There are no fixed rules as to what this could be, but ideas include:

- Visual descriptions of data projects still in progress

- Examples of successful work you have previously created

- A story board of your Data Visualization experience and perception

- New industry topics on which you can present your opinion and feedback

Why Enter?

- A great chance to show your design skills and understanding of Data Visualization

- An opportunity to have your work showcased at the 2 day summit

- A chance to win prizes

How to Submit your Poster?

- Please submit electronic copies to Gabrielle Morse @

- Provide information on your poster regarding full name, contributors, rational and conclusion


- All posters must be submitted to Gabrielle Morse by Monday, April 20.

Production and Presentation Guidelines

- Posters must be produced as a single-sheet exposition that can fit the dimensions Height 841 x Width 594 mm

- Avoid any extensive mathematical notations as much as possible

If you have any questions please reach out to Gabrielle Morse at


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