Data science and ML to assist in California drought crisis

Aquaoso has announced its Water Risk Intelligence Tools to identify and monitor water risks in California


California-based software company Aquaoso has combined data science and machine learning (ML) technology to release its Water Risk Intelligence Tools. The new tool aims to provide water data insights for California's agricultural economy.

According to the US Drought Portal, some 93% of the state's population, approximately 34.6 million people in California currently experience drought.

According to Aquaoso, the toolkit will aim to provide banks, investors and agricultural professionals with tools to identify, quantify, report and monitor water supply risks.

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Aquaoso CEO and founder Christopher Peacock outlined: "When we combine the dozens of data sets we have acquired with our own proprietary research and analysis, customers can quickly access the data that allows them to assess their water risks, saving them a significant amount of time and money."

Aquaoso is a cloud-based platform, early-stage water management and trading platform targeting what it describes as "a resilient water future", and actively encourages conservation through the use of technology.

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