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Employees are expected to be data connoisseurs, digital experts and business intelligence pros in the modern work environment. While the keepers of business data used to be reserved for chief information officers and enterprise IT departments, the rapid rise of data is breaking down traditional boundaries and driving the strategic reallocation of responsibilities throughout the enterprise. As organizations’ troves of data continue to grow, so do expectations for all employees to utilize data-driven insights to fuel business decisions across industries.

While data is fundamental to business intelligence, human capital is truly the beating heart of any organization. As employees are now required to integrate data into their daily workflow regardless of their skills or backgrounds, organizations must empower their workforce with automated data visualization tools to sustain a high level of business intelligence and employee productivity.

Beauty is not in the eye of the (business intelligence) beholder

Across all industries, 30 million PowerPoint presentations are created every day to share data-driven intelligence. While PowerPoint has become the reporting and data visualization go-to for businesses, time spent developing PowerPoint presentations means time wasted agonizing over Gantt charts, pie charts and line graphs. As data-driven presentations are a fundamental facet to every organization, employees are increasingly wasting time creating sub-professional looking charts that could have been spent on higher value tasks. Companies must encourage employees to break out of their comfort zone in the age of digital transformation to consider automated presentation tools, which are critical to increasing productivity and empowering employees to produce high quality work.

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Artificial intelligence streamlines business intelligence

AI-powered tools that streamline processes are helping businesses by providing workers with advanced technology to allow them to work smarter, not harder while producing high-quality work. This especially applies to companies that deal with more reporting-centric, time-consuming administrative duties, such as drafting PowerPoint presentations for weekly, monthly or annual reports to maintain business intelligence. Luckily there are tools out there that come equipped with AI technology that cut down on manual reporting time to allow workers to efficiently produce high-quality work.

Finding the right solution

According to McKinsey & Company, about 60% of all occupations have at least 30% of integral activities that can be automated. Helping an employee reach his or her full potential means matching human intelligence with artificial intelligence and empowering them to work hand-in-hand with technology. However, for many businesses, determining the most effective tools to invest in is a challenging ordeal as the market seems flooded with options that can help make a more productive workplace. Tools such as think-cell, a powerful charting and layout software that automates presentation creation, is key for the millions of workers devoting valuable time charting business intelligence, as it uses AI-powered technology to drastically cut down on average chart design time by 70% to improve slide creation efficiency and quality. The Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in not only creates professional looking charts in minutes, but also automates the creation of data-rich presentations from big data analyses by allowing dynamic updates from cloud-based data sources.

Improving employee engagement

When we hear automation, we are prone to jump to the conclusion that there’s a large learning curve that comes with it – requiring a need to spend a significant amount of time understanding the complexities of AI-based technologies. However, introducing and implementing new advanced technology is crucial to improving overall employee engagement. By giving employees the tools they need to succeed by removing painstaking manual tasks, they will feel empowered and encouraged to meet business objectives. As organizations push employees to adopt data-driven processes, automated tools are not only critical to employee retention and success, but also to ensure they are providing the best business intelligence efficiently and effectively.

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