Cutting edge AI trends that will shape 2019 and beyond

These artificial intelligence strategies will dominate business as we know it as they continuously develop


You've probably heard about artificial intelligence (AI), and how it's the wave of the future. In the business world of today -- it's more accurate to say that AI is here to stay.

Though we're in the infancy stages of an AI boom that will touch all business sectors, you would do well to get in on the ground floor of its development. Spending on this technology is expected to reach more than 50%, and for good reason.

There are several cutting-edge ways that AI can affect and bolster your small business. If you're thinking about ways to get the most out of your AI use, start with the tips below.

Lights out marketing and customer service

To be certain that you're able to address your customers’ needs and find them, you'll need to get a handle on your AI use. Using AI with your marketing bridges the gap in capability so that you can get stellar marketing without having to pay a huge sum of money.

For instance, proper use of AI will allow you to run advertising analytics, reduce your overall cost per click and draw in more information from your customer's analytics.

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Customer service will also thrive when start using AI. Today, professionals are using mobile and web chats more than ever. Your mobile and web chats will be far more precise and personable when you utilize AI platforms that are progressive and skillful.

When you remain available for your customers in this way on a 24-hour basis, it bridges the gap and helps you stay ahead of your competition.

Optimum logistics and company vehicles

Let's get this out of the way -- autonomous vehicles are here to stay. It’s not a matter of if, but when. The growth of these vehicles are expected to hit 109% by the year 2025.

Companies like Google have been working on this technology for a long time, and the results thus far are tremendous. Experts are taking every precaution to hone and fine-tune the technology before aggressively releasing it to the public.

Once this technology grows, expect businesses in every industry to take advantage.

Right now, AI is at the forefront of the development of autonomous vehicles.

It's not enough for these vehicles to simply drive in straight lines and obey traffic laws -- designers are crafting them to think and drive just like human beings. Developers are working out some AI that mirrors human cognitive function and sensory mechanisms.

Thanks to AI, these autonomous vehicles will be a welcome addition to the road that seamlessly blends in with traffic, rather than creating a cluttering distraction.

AI is growing right now and is being used for company logistics.

Supply chain managers heavily rely on AI to optimize their routes, speed up deliveries and ensure that employees are scheduled effectively. Expect these advancements to grow by leaps and bounds over the next five to 10 years.

Make your company lean and cost-effective

Above all, AI brings fiscal efficiency to companies.

You'll be able to keep your operating expenses lean through the use of AI. Certain positions can be downsized or consolidated when you make great use of AI. Expect developers to continuously find new platforms that will help your business pinpoint areas of overspending, so that changes can be made.

If you consider these tips, you and your company will always be on the cutting edge of AI development. 

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