Corporate Relocation: How Online Comparison Tools Can Help your Business

Tips for Booking your Corporate Move


Moving an entire corporate office is a huge task. There are so many details to handle with packing, hiring movers, and managing the staff’s needs and expectations that the logistics of the move itself need to be as seamless as possible. That means you don’t have extra time to spend hours comparing quotes, worrying about getting additional costs approved by management, or worrying if you’ve really chosen the best movers for the job.

Here come technology and the internet to the rescue!

An online moving company comparison and booking tool is a hub where hundreds of moving companies have externally generated profiles, containing all of the most critical information about them, aggregated in once place. It is highly recommended to use one when hiring a mover, especially for business owners and HR managers (like you!). It lets you access information about various movers in your area, request price quotes, read reviews, determine which companies have experience with corporate moves, and all in minutes -- without having to do individual online searches, scour Yelp, or make a bunch of phone calls.

Still not convinced that an online price comparison and booking tool is the way to go for your upcoming corporate move? Here are seven reasons why doing this will make your office relocation much easier, more efficient, and cost-effective:

1. Booking everything online is simple. You’re already well aware of the myriad ways in which streamlined platforms make business easier, and booking your movers is no different. Consolidating the process of comparing moving companies, requesting price quotes, making payments, and choosing additional services means that you can manage your inquiries, review your correspondence and track your progress, all in one place. When you’re managing the logistics for an entire office move, you know how valuable that extra bit of organization can be. Online booking means you can get information whenever and wherever you are when you’re putting in the time to coordinate this move.

2. The best deal is at your fingertips. Saving money on your move ultimately helps your company’s bottom line. Within an online comparison and booking platform, not only can you hire movers who’ve already been vetted, but you can compare price quotes and packages side by side. Studies have shown that booking online can reduce moving costs by up to 45% -- and for a large office, that number could mean significant savings. When you’re already dealing with other expenditures due to the move, like buying new furniture or interior decorating for the new office space, any savings can be extremely helpful.

3. It saves time and energy. As we just mentioned, your time is at a premium, so it is important that you avoid wasting resources looking through moving company listings and calling around for quotes. Studies have shown the time investment to get all of the information and quotes necessary can be reduced from seven hours to seven minutes. Enough said -- that’s 6 hours and 53 minutes you can dedicate to your other responsibilities.

4. You have access to real, unfiltered customer reviews. Instead of reading the reviews that the moving company has chosen to publish on their own website, an unbiased online comparison and booking platform gives you access to feedback provided by the general public -- unfiltered. No need to hire movers based on price and instinct alone when you can make a truly educated choice thanks to the reviews of others who’ve been in your shoes before you.

5. Stay in control. From the moment you begin your company relocation research to the day business kicks back into action at your new office, it is crucial that you’re on top of every detail, every step of the way. All inquiries, correspondence, plans, and documents are stored within your account in the online platform, meaning there is less room for misunderstandings or shady business dealings. This means you can focus your energy on getting things up and running smoothly in your new office space without worry.

6. Choose all of your add-ons ahead of time. Perhaps you would like to hire your movers to disassemble your electronics, or to remove the furniture and files you’ve decided not to take with you to the new location. Rather than inquiring with each moving company which of those services they can offer, that information is all provided up front when you select which services you need within the online comparison and booking platform. Your price quote will include those extra fees from the beginning, rather than tacking them on later -- after you’ve already done your budgets.

7. Get insider tips from the experts. A full-service online moving price comparison tool usually provides a host of resources and articles for you to access with tips from experienced sources on how to move more efficiently, save money, or even how to keep your office organized during the move. Take advantage of all the how-to’s and checklists to streamline your move -- your entire office will thank you. 

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