Convergia and FatPipe Networks partner for Americas SD-WAN market

After much deliberation, Convergia has chosen FatPipe Networks as its primary provider of SD-WAN solutions


Pan-American telecom company Convergia has announced it will be partnering with WAN specialist FatPipe Networks in a concerted effort to target the SD-WAN market in the Americas.

Following six months of research and evaluations, Convergia decided to partner with FatPipe Networks as its primary SD-WAN solutions provider. The agreement struck will see the alliance providing SD-WAN solutions worldwide.

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"We decided on FatPipe because they have been doing SD-WAN even before the term was ever coined," said Dante Passalacqua, director of US operations for Convergia. "Their products are not only mature but also battle-tested. On top of that, they have a unique combination of features that allow [Convergia] to deliver high-quality solutions to both new and our existing clients."

FatPipe Networks CEO Ragula Bhaskar echoed the sentiment in his comment, "The combination of FatPipe products with the expertise and long-standing presence of Convergia in the market is a perfect match.

"The quality of technical expertise and support that the clients can expect from Convergia, in multiple countries, with local teams that understand the market and speak the language will significantly boost FatPipe's presence in all of the Americas." he concluded.

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