Content Innovation Keeps Your Brand Feeling Fresh

Digital content is a broad church that covers everything from the written words on your website to social media posts and video adverts.


Digital content is a broad church that covers everything from the written words on your website to social media posts and video adverts.

It’s an unheralded hero of marketing — but without it, no amount of technological innovation will make a brand’s products and services accessible to customers.

So it’s worth considering how switched-on brands use innovative content to keep their brands fresh and relevant in an interconnected world awash with information.

Cutting-edge quirkiness

Burger King is a brand that’s never shy about pushing boundaries with its content.

And the WhopperCoin is an example of a campaign that combines quirkiness with cutting-edge technology.

This cryptocurrency is the burger brand’s version of Bitcoin — WhopperCoins are uploaded to customers’ digital wallets each time they buy a burger.

And they can be traded online just like real currencies.

Whether the Whoppercoin becomes a wise investment remains to be seen, but this type of content undoubtedly creates a buzz for tech-savvy consumers.

Wise words

Swedish bank Ikano analysed a survey to reveal that life in a 24 hour culture often leaves customers feeling consumed.

What their clientele coveted most were complex lifestyle choices made simple and the time to settle down and focus on things that really matter .

So they created a content marketing campaign based around a beautifully designed booklet featuring wise words and inspiring infographics on the subject of simplicity.

If you can create relevant, authoritative content that’s interesting, you’ll stand out from the competition and increase customer engagement.

Vibrant video

Video content on social media channels has a massive reach and can be shared in an instant.

But you can first capture customer attention with a vibrant video on your home page.

Spotify announced their arrival on the US market several years ago with an exciting explainer video that used a soundtrack and text signposts to sum up their offering perfectly in just over a minute.

If you can use video to swiftly show how your products and services make life better, you’re on solid ground straightaway.

It creates a great first impression for site visitors and enables clean and clear web design that doesn’t look cluttered and chaotic.

Get it right and you can launch your business in stratospheric style because it’ll be shared freely on social platforms.

And you can use follow-up videos to build further brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Inspirational infographics

Most humans are innately curious and love to learn — so clever and colourful infographics are a great way to capture their attention.

Simple and straightforward designs give customers a quick informative fix and allow you to present key messages in a fast and friendly way.

Creating infographics that directly reference your business allows customers to view it from a dynamically different angle.

But they can also showcase your expert interest in associated topics in a really accessible manner.

Refresh and revive

There’s no need to feel like you’re at a dead end if your product hasn’t changed for generations.

Clever content can refresh your brand for customers without reinventing the wheel.

Crayola’s offering hasn’t changed much in over a century — it sells crayons that children use to colour in pictures.

But its Colour Alive app animates the scanned pictures children have created, breathing life into their flights of fantasy and re-establishing the brand’s relevance in the digital age.

The ROI of good content can be tricky to measure but its qualitative value becomes painfully apparent when it’s absent.

So ignore it at your peril if you’re looking for long-term success.

What content works best for your business? Share your stories in the comments section.

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