'Consumers Don’t Want To Be Sold To, Brands Need To Earn Their Engagement'

We spoke to Guzman y Gomez's CMO, Anna Jones


Anna Jones is Chief Marketing Officer at Guzman y Gomez Mexican Taqueria, a position she's held for almost a year. Previously, Anna was National Marketing Manager at Red Rooster for nearly four years. With her years in senior marketing positions, Anna has experience across a number of industries, from automotive to TV production. Ahead of her presentation at the Chief Marketing Officer Summit in Sydney this October 5-6, we sat down with Anna to talk digital marketing and what attendees can expect from her presentation.

Digital development has had a huge impact on marketing - for you, what has been the biggest change?

Where to start! One major impact is that we can now change creative messages in real time. This has changed the game in a number of ways, one is we can tell a story across a campaign and have more complex messages. We can also take bigger risks with messaging, if something doesn’t work, we aren’t stuck with it. And lastly, we can adapt based on how our customers are reacting to a message. Gone are the days were you plan your marketing calendar 2 years out, things move too fast and if you are not willing to adapt in real time, you’ll get left behind.

New technologies have led to the exposure of brands across a number of platforms - what challenges do these consumer connections pose?

It makes it hard to have enough relevant content. We are a small brand and have limited resources, it used to be that you had instore and maybe a website to worry about, but now the content channels are endless. I’m such a big believer in content marketing but to be successful, you need tons of it and it needs to be tailored to the right channel. We are lucky that food is such a visual product and our customers love to photograph it, we tend to leverage off user-generated content and focus heavily on earned media to help us populate our channels. The trick is that as we tell our brand story across we need to make sure each piece of content progresses a broader story but can also be stand alone for people who many one see one post. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

How important is the content of marketing campaigns?

Extremely important. Consumers don’t want to be sold to, brands need to earn their engagement. My background is in the entertainment industry and I have always believed storytelling is the most compelling way to reach audiences. We are very conscious of making sure our content isn’t trying to sell people on our brand but inspire them to be a part of the brand.

What key trends do you see for marketers in the year ahead?

I’m a strong believer in marketing moving out of just making advertising and into owning the full customer experience. Consumers want to interact with your brand whenever, wherever and however they want, they want relevant messages that are useful and they want a tailored experience that can range from easy to immersive. That makes our job that much harder but when you get it right, your customers will reward you.  

You can hear more from Anna, along with other industry leaders, at the Chief Marketing Officer Summit taking place this October 5-6 in Sydney. To register your interest, click here.

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