Connecting Your Fleet From Top To Bottom Through Mobile Resource Management

Telematics is being billed as the next big thing


When it comes to fleet management software, the first thing that comes to mind for many is telematics. As the technology that enables the exchange of information between fleet vehicles and managers, telematics has long been billed as a game changer for any business that uses a fleet.

But telematics is not revolutionary. These technologies, and the benefits they bring, have been available for over a decade. As the use of telematics becomes almost commonplace within commercial fleets, there is a new kid in town - Mobile Resource Management (MRM) - which threatens to blow traditional telematics out of the water.

Traditional telematics is no longer enough

Across all types of vehicle, whether a truck driving through the Scottish Highlands or a delivery van in Cornwall, telematics data is typically created using GPS units with on-board computers. The hardware uses cellular networks to transfer real-time data to central offices which is interpreted for effective fleet management.

This information allows managers to get a birds-eye view of an entire field operation, checking the profitability and productivity of the fleet against key performance metrics. This not only ensures the workforce is operating the vehicle as intended, but also brings headline benefits including vast fuel savings through route optimization, and increased driver and vehicle safety.

But there is far more to a mobile workforce than simply understanding the location and speed of a van or truck and what the driver does inside it. This is because fleet managers and those in the field now have the power to understand the mobility of an entire workforce and draw clear operational insights through the use of a holistic platform.

Managing mobile resources through one central platform

Smartphones now form the bedrock of every business, and organizations are becoming experienced at using technologies such as cloud and big data to harness insights from this mobility. These two technologies, combined with the power and mobility of the smartphone, are giving unparalleled insight into operations.

This is where MRM comes in. MRM allows all the constituent elements of a fleet ecosystem to communicate and interact with data in real time, meaning performance insights can be applied immediately. From sprawling international supply chains to small commercial fleets, mobile technologies and the cloud mean it’s now possible to connect an organization from the front line to the back end - businesses can totally optimize their operations.

MRM can help businesses become dramatically more efficient, smarter and safer in a way that simple telematics can’t achieve.

The future

Telematics is the first step in using tech to helping create a mobile enterprise. But to be able to stay at the cutting edge, fleet-based businesses must think bigger and embrace full mobility with MRM.


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