Cloud Security Tips For Your Business

While the cloud offers many benefits for storage and file sharing, understanding all available security options can make it easier to choose the one


Prior to choosing the best cloud for your business, it’s important to understand your options. Here are the 3 cloud solutions when considering cloud architecture and planning.

1. Public

Public cloud domains are typically managed by a domain owner who has complete control over the level of security implemented. While this type of domain may be a good option if you know nothing about the cloud or how to manage it yourself, it’s a good idea to discuss security measures with the domain owner prior to committing to any specific one to be sure they’re up to your standards.

2. Private

Private clouds are excellent when you want to have control over the level of security, however, this freedom comes at a price - you have to maintain the cloud yourself. This is an excellent option if you’re tech-savvy and have the time and competence to maintain this element of your business on your own, but otherwise, the option may not be a good fit.

3. Hybrid

Hybrid clouds offer the best of both worlds, with a domain owner helping manage the cloud, but still allowing you to maintain some control over the security settings, and the way the cloud is managed. This type of cloud is, perhaps, the best fit for most businesses who prefer to not completely relinquish control of the security, but need a little help with maintenance.

Things You Can Do Now

Taking the proper security measures to protect your data on the cloud is essential. Whether you have a public, private, or hybrid cloud, you can start taking these precautions today to ensure your information will remain safe:

1. Encrypt your data to add an increased level of security.

2. Make sure your passwords are strong so hackers can’t easily crack them.

3. Backup all information stored in the cloud to keep it safe and constantly accessible.

Following these tips and choosing the best cloud type for your business will make a world of difference in protecting your information and keeping your business secure.

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