Cloud Computing's Impact On Gaming And Betting

The cloud is changing the way we bet


Online gambling and gaming has become more and more popular in recent years. Bitcoin has emerged to handle the demand for easier online gaming, and anyone with an internet connection can relate to how popular Farmville has been for people ranging as far as six to sixty. This impact has had a huge difference not only in how developers approach the industry, but in how people themselves interact with each other.

What is this credited to? The cloud, most would argue. More gaming and betting industries have made the shift to a remotely managed server – commonly known as a cloud – to allow better storage, management, converged infrastructure vendors, and networking for both themselves and their users, which applies to everyone online.

Not quite convinced? Here are a few advantages, disadvantages, and changes cloud computing has offered the online gaming and gambling world:

1. More Lawful Freedom

Not all countries or areas are in favor of Lady Luck, and this drives many players to seek out a better alternative for betting than what they’d find in their constructive casinos or nonexistent betting pools. Cloud computing, as a remote server, provides more grey area for jurisdictions, since it can be placed on the other side of the world while allowing users from anywhere to work off its servers. Because of this, bettors have the opportunity to play without punishment, and providers have the ability to offer their services without fear of repercussions. Especially for players and providers in areas that are under uncertain terms, it takes off the stress and the wonder of what is 'allowed' and what is not.

2. Mobility

Worldwide gaming is growing every day, and several countries have restrictions on who can play with whom. This is not always a political matter; sometimes servers simply lack the breadth to host players from multiple countries, restricting the social access and fun. However, cloud computing has both the mobility and the capacity to allow different online games to reach farther than before. This means greater profits for game developers and more fun for players, and with the current generation getting a taste for freedom, odds are increasing that developers will turn away from the typical restrictions and look solely to a mobile computing method, making it the norm.

3. Security Risks

Not all of the impacts of cloud computing are positive. The cloud has received some criticism for its lack of security, which can be a huge problem, especially in the gambling world. This impact has narrowed down its playing field to those who have more experience with Hadoop data security, and can choose the right place to play, and find those who are a little more daring with both their funds and their data. This has led to several people shying away from online gaming, but has also bred a community of intelligent players who know the risks more thoroughly and are playing the odds. For the future, as the cloud becomes more secure and other players throw their hats into the ring, it can create a highly diverse culture of players that may clash or bond.

4. Social Opportunity

While on the topic of the cloud expanding the gaming community, it’s worth noting that in doing so, it’s creating greater social opportunity for its players. More than ever, connections have been made and cultures have been merged, even to the point of causing great changes in the economies of smaller countries. Undoubtedly the emergence of online gaming has changed the way Europeanization has progressed, with the younger generation crossing borders digitally to talk about important subjects and discuss their general interests. It’s seen a huge burst in expatriates migrating to foreign areas due to the familiarization online gaming has allowed via the cloud, and it only seems to be going up.

The cloud has allowed many things within the betting and gaming world, including mobility, reach, and a few cautionary tales. All in all, it’s made it possible to connect, think outside the box, and enjoys our time more than ever before, and this impact has had an effect on more than just our pocketbook – it’s changed the way some cultures interact as well. 


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