'Clear Communication To Consumers Is Always Key'

We spoke to Kings Road Publishing's Head of Digital and Social Media, Nick Coveney


Nick Coveney is Head of Digital and Social Media at Kings Road Publishing, a modern publishing company in every sense. In his role, Nick is responsible for all aspects of digital publishing, product development, digital sales, digital communication, and strategy. Ahead of his presentation at the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit, taking place in London this October 19-20, we sat down with Nick to talk all things digital publishing, from recent trends to future opportunities. 

How have you seen the digital publishing industry change over the last year?

Kings Road Publishing is recognised in the book industry as a leader in digital innovation. Our approach has always been iterative – and while we’re continuing to grow and consolidate our digital comms strategies, our approach remains experimental. My goal is to take readers’ experience beyond the words on a page and as content consumption is always changing, it’s important to keep an open mind.

What could the industry be doing to better meet consumer expectations?

Clear communication to consumers is always key, even more so in the fluid digital space. Industry brands need to react more quickly with the right level of information, particularly when there is an issue damaging consumer experience.

How much of a place - if any - do you think personalisation has in digital publishing?

There’s been some very interesting work in bespoke personalisation of content by book publishers, but a lot of these don’t seem to have quite hit the mark in consumer expectations. I think this will grow into an important niche of the industry but it is harder to execute it well.

What are in your experience the most common mistakes made my digital publishers?

Personally, I think that a reliance on broadcast messaging and 'the known' strategies can dilute brand potential. We have to be bold and do things differently in order to outsmart the competition.

How can digital publishers best respond to the overwhelming shift toward video content?

My view is that book publishers should continue to invest and innovate in this area, but that there has to be a narrative worth filming and compelling reason for consumers to watch it to create any kind of ROI.

Where do you see digital publishing going next?

The enormous popularity of PokémonGO has been a surprise for some, whereas at Kings Road Publishing we’ve been waiting for a gaming leap with geotagging and AR for a while. Niantic has really broken the mould first with Ingress and now PokémonGO, I think that digital publishers will attempt to move into GPS experiences more in the future as there is so much potential for tailored content delivery.

You can hear more from Nick, along with other digital publishing industry leaders, at the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit in London this October 19-20. To see the full schedule, click here.

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