China to start blocking citizens with bad "social credit" from flying

China's "social credit system", which is not set to launch officially until 2020, will penalize individuals who commit acts of "serious dishonor" by banning them from trains and flights for up to a year


Reuters has reported that the Chinese government plans to ban individuals who fall foul of the countries impending "social credit system" from train and air travel for up to a year. The new policy was revealed in two reports posted on the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission website.

The mandatory "social credit system" will be introduced nationwide by 2020 and comprise of a lifelong social ranking system which will use data collected from China's robust surveillance system and a number of governmental departments. Acts such as bad driving, having poor credit, smoking in inappropriate areas or even buying too many video games will all be considered infractions.

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While President Xi Jinping's new mandate still has not taken on its final form, the program is already underway by a number of local governments across the country and a blacklist is already being compiled. Other than limited transportation opportunities for a year, other punishments being floated include slowing down internet speeds, banning offender's children from the best schools, limiting job opportunities, being named a "bad citizen" and even having your dog taken away in some cases.

A report posted on the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission website said: "In order to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the internship of General Secretary Ping Ping's important instructions on building a large-scale pattern of "one place is untrustworthy and restricted everywhere" is in accordance with the State Council's establishment and improvement of trustworthiness."

The new system has faced a bevy of criticism from other governments and human rights groups who have accused President Xi of creating a system to attack his adversaries. However, the government insists that the program is simply an effort to root out corruption.

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