CEOs Taking Leading Role In Digital Strategy Development

A recent study showed CEOs taking Digital Strategy control, is this right?


A recent survey released by Mckinsey - The digital tipping point: McKinsey Global Survey results, showed that despite the growing belief that digital is going to be driving future business growth, the actual investment in the area is not where it could be.

In fact, more than three quarters of executives asked said that the strategic intent behind their digital programmes is wither to build competitive advantage in an existing business or to create new business and tap new profile pools. Yet only one third of respondents said that ‘at least one in ten employees spends any time working on digital projects’.

This is interesting as 41% of those asked said the CEO of their company was responsible for their overall digital strategy, so with the additional roles of a CEO beyond digital, is it too much for one person?

With the importance of digital being shown in the numbers who expect it to be the driving force behind future company growth, it is surprising that less emphasis is put on investments within the area. Sure there is a certain degree of specialist knowledge needed, but with the amount of people expecting digital to be the growth area, is there enough being done?

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