Cancer app to connect patients with treatment options

Harvard oncologists have created a mobile application to improve cancer care


A US startup company founded by two oncologists has developed a technology platform named Driver which will aim to connect cancer patients with treatment options on a global scale.

The platform aims to eliminate the knowledge gap of available treatments and provide access to the numerous existing options through a single platform that comprises a network of cancer centers.

Additionally, according to Driver, the app provides oncologists with access to real-time information about advanced treatments to provide their patients with the most relevant treatment.

Dr William R Polkinghorn, co-founder and CEO of Driver, said: "In a world of Amazon, Airbnb, and other technology platforms that have revolutionized our ability to access products and services, consumers deserve the same transformative power of these next-generation marketplaces when they are facing cancer and require treatment."

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Individuals wanting to access the network sign onto the platform using an app through which Driver obtains consent to record information such as medical records and tumor samples to identify and provide the best available treatments. Following the apps data analysis, patients receive and can review the offered options over video with an oncology and can then form a decision for their treatment.

Driver integrates a combination of proprietary software such as its automated laboratory and cloud-agnostic software architecture and hardware which includes two clinical labs based in the US and in China. Furthermore, Driver is the first platform to co-launch in the US and in China.

The US National Cancer Institute and the Chinese National Cancer Center are among the founding members of Driver’s global network. To date, more than 30 cancer centers comprise Driver’s network including the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of California, San Francisco, University of California Los Angeles, Duke, University of North Carolina and Emory.

The National Cancer Institute predicts a 2018 diagnosis of 1.7 million new cases in the US and more than 600,000 fatalities. Meanwhile, the number of new cancer cases has been forecast to increase to 23.6 million by 2030.

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