Canadian blockchain firm purchases gaming platform

Collision of modern and traditional computer technology presents new gaming prospects


TJ Game Capital, a Canadian blockchain venture capital company, has announced its acquisition of CGC, a blockchain technical team, and CGC’s blockchain gaming platform CGCG and its domain name.

TJ Game Capital founder, Grace Zheng, said that the purchase was the result of the gaming platform's growth potential. CGCG is a 3D animation studio which was founded in 1988 and is based in Taipei, Taiwan. The studio produces CGI DVD movies, TV series and movies based on games.

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TJ Game co-hosted a launch event of the CGCG Blockchain Game Platform with Shanghai BeShine Technology Co. The event outlined details about the company's new purchase and future goals of the gaming platform, as well as how the platform will operate with TJ Game Capital to enhance blockchain gaming technology.

Jacky Ding, executive director of Shanghai BeShine Technology Co., said: "It represents the collision of two technologies: Modern internet technology of blockchain with classic computer technology of gaming. With this new change, there is the chance of many possibilities."


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