Can Innovation Be Taught?

We look at whether innovation is a personality trait or something that can be learnt


In simple words, innovation is the thought process which allows you to come up with fresh solutions to common problems. Oftentimes, people confuse innovation with creativity and the two words are sometimes even used interchangeably.

The Difference between “Creativity” & “Innovation”

Despite what people think, creativity and innovation are not the same thing. Creativity is an ability each person is born with. It is creative thinking which assists a person to come up with new and brilliant ideas. Innovation, on the other, is the process of bringing these ideas to life. It should also be noted that innovation is used strictly for organizational purposes, whereas creativity can be used in any context.

Can Innovation Be Taught?

Numerous debates have taken place over this question due to some people’s belief that innovation cannot be taught and is instead ingrained in a person. Each time the debate has come to the conclusion that innovation can in fact be taught. Turning your visions to reality does not require exceptional brain power nor does it require the mindset of a genius. Innovation is something everyone can learn and adapt to. It is a thought process similar to critical thinking in that it is possible to train a mind in its use.

However, innovation is not strictly for organizational purposes only and can apply to every area of life. This is what many people fail to realize and when they question the purpose of innovation, they fail to learn the thought process as well.

Organizations & Innovation

Every organization identifies the meaning of “innovation” according to their situations and atmosphere. Once this is done, the organization moves on to the process of creating a plan and reshapes their values and theories to support it. The innovation plan is initially created after the organization manages to recognize their capabilities and specialties. Each and every organization has its own area of expertise which strengthens the quality of the services or products they offer.

Innovation is not restricted to one place. Companies and organizations that operate on a larger scale are coming to terms with this fact and are starting to realize they can find innovation anywhere they desire. Operating on a global scale is easier and the organization that puts innovation and globalization to use can achieve great success from it.

However, it might be some time before organizations realize that innovation can be taught and then they take the necessary steps to teach their employees how to be innovative.


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