​BYTON unveils latest L4 concept car

K-Byte concept model revealed at Shanghai event


AI-powered electric car makers, BYTON, has partnered with Aurora, the autonomous driving technology firm, to unveil its latest concept car at a launch event in Shanghai on June 12, 2018.

The three-box sporty sedan concept car called the K-Byte is part of a series the company has planned to release in time for the age of autonomous cars. It is equipped with integrated and retractable sensors and has been designed to "strike a fine balance between aesthetics and real-world practicality," according to BYTON. The company also announced the concept SUV M-Byte in January of this year.

Level 4 (L4) autonomous driving programs are vehicles that, under specific conditions, can operate without human input or oversight.

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The partnered companies are aiming to start testing a fleet of prototypes on roads by 2020 in preparation for mass production and delivery.

"The K-Byte concept shows that we can deliver our platform in different shapes and with different features to suit different lifestyles," commented BYTON president and co-founder Dr. Daniel Kirchert. "Furthermore, building the car on the same platform as the M-Byte concept enables us to streamline and scale the production cycle."

"We are fully confident that we will meet our commitment to deliver the sedan to market in 2021," Kirchert added.

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