Business Transparency

Is It Good for Employees?


In the technological day and age that we live in, it is nearly impossible for a business to avoid being transparent. The reality is that transparency favors the employees over the business owners. If you are just stepping into a new career and are looking for potential employers to work for, it is important to seek out information regarding the various companies you are interested in to gauge an idea of how they operate.

Increase of employee engagement

As employees, we are lucky enough to have detailed information online in the form of reviews from current and former employees of various businesses. There are plenty of sites online in which people come together and share their experiences with employers. This is perhaps one of the biggest innovations when it comes to seeking out new employment, as you can avoid pitfalls that may befall you by working for an employer that doesn't treat their employees correctly. Additionally, you may find ecstatic reviews about a certain company and will therefore be confident in your decision to actively pursue them for employment. It has really led to companies being more accountable for the way they conduct business and the way they treat their employees, because everyone now knows that the information will be presented for the world to see. There is no doubt that as a result, business transparency has taken employee engagement to a new level, as the two parties are now on an even platform and the employees cannot be taken advantage of as they had been in the past.

In the past, there have been vast amounts of problems when it comes to business ethics and the code of conduct that business owners run their companies with. It really used to come down to: if no one can see what is going on behind closed doors, then it doesn't matter. However, business owners now understand that they have no walls to hide behind and are now being forced to conduct their businesses with higher ethics. This is not only great for the employees of the companies, but the customers that end up doing business with them.

Gain employee’s trust

Transparency has restored good business practices, decreased the likelihood of employees being taken advantage of by employers and has created a much more positive and professional working environment. The ironic thing is that business transparency, by forcing employers to conduct business in an ethical manner, has actually created much stronger bonds and trust between business owners and their customers and it has increased business efficiency as a result. The reality is that it keeps shady business practices at bay and is a win-win for everyone involved. There are undoubtedly tons of business owners out there who absolutely hate the idea of business transparency, but they will simply have to deal with the fact that transparency in business is not going anywhere due to the advancements in technology we now live with and will simply have to conduct their companies with a higher code of ethics than they may have done in the past.

Often time’s business owners feel that employees should be left in the dark, regarding all sorts of business procedures and things relating to the overall function of the company. The reality is, if these employers are trying to keep their employees in the dark, they are most likely doing something that is unfavorable for the employees and it flat out should not be accepted. There are limitless amounts of things that employers can be engaged in, with the intention of benefitting the top individuals in a company at the expense of their workers and this is why they should never be held in the dark.

Business transparency as a necessity

Every corporate company in the world works from the top down perspective, where the top dogs in the business set the structure, rules and the tone of the business. What it has led to is the ability to control nearly every aspect of the lives of their employees, often times going far over what is fair or right. The reality is that in order to stay employed, generate regular income through their employment and obtain a higher standard of life, these employees would often have to deal with business practices that were flat out unfair. The real beneficiaries of business transparency in today's day and age are these employees that have had to suffer through unfair work practices to maintain their standard of life. If something occurs in the workplace that shouldn't be happening, now these employees have a voice to speak from and they will undoubtedly be heard from by thousands of others online if they choose to do so. Although some people believe that technology is going too far and that this outlet of information may be detrimental to business owners, there is no doubt that as a whole it is making the lives of the bulk of people across the country better.

All and all, business transparency is one of the best things to come out of the advancements of technology that surround us today.


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