Business Leaders Put Tech At The Top And Demand Collaboration To Fuel UK Growth

57% of business leaders say the ability to drive change and innovation is crucial to their organization’s future


Business leaders across Britain are demanding increased collaboration and a focus on technology to answer the UK’s socioeconomic challenges, according to Fujitsu’s Tech in a Transforming Britain report. Nearly 6 in 10 (57%) say their ability to drive change and innovation is crucial to their future success.

While more than three quarters (77%) of British leaders feel responsible for driving change in the UK today, half (49%) admit they are not doing enough. In answer to this, more than 61% say businesses need to work together more closely with the Public Sector. More than half (56%) say their sector has a responsibility to collaborate to address the socioeconomic issues the UK is facing, from a multigenerational workforce to political turbulence.

Technology appears to be the answer to this, with 63% of leaders highlighting it is the key to overcoming the UK’s current challenges. Meanwhile, almost 9 in 10 (86%) say technology is also the primary driver in their decision-making today, ahead of both global economic uncertainty (79%) and Brexit (76%).

Assessing the impact of technology, 89% say technology is driving change in their business, with nearly two-thirds (64%) stating that change is positive and more than a third (37%) saying it’s the main driver. Despite this positivity, leaders feel they could do more; almost half (49%) say their organization should be doing more to drive innovation in the UK.

How socioeconomic factors are impacting business decisions (%):

1. Technology developments (64)1. Global economic uncertainty (51)
2. Multiculturalism (40)2. Political turbulence (50)
3. Multi-generational workforce (34)3. Threat of terrorism (48)

'More than half of the consumers we surveyed say private companies have the responsibility and influence to drive societal change,' says Rupal Karia, Head of Commercial Sector, UK & Ireland, Fujitsu. 'A change that today is being driven by technology. Companies are increasingly confident in the change technology is bringing to their organizations. It is their responsibility to take their employees and customers on this journey with them. Not to do so risks not only a skills gap, that will damage our future economic prospects, but a usability gap, with segments of society left behind as we become increasingly digital-first.'

Organizations are increasingly confident when it comes to their readiness for a digital future, with 63% saying they feel fully-prepared for technology change. The same number believe their employees have the right skills to make the most of new technologies. When it comes to society more broadly however, they have concerns; just over half (54%) believe the UK is ready for a digital future.

Karia, continued: 'Business leaders have set themselves their own challenge for 2018 – to help drive innovation in the UK and ensure it is ready for a digital future. This, in turn, should help to address some of the broader business challenges we face – not least boosting UK productivity, an issue which continues to be a major focus across all sectors. By collaborating with both the Public Sector and their own industry they can make this a reality and ensure the UK remains a global leader in an increasingly digital world.'


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