Building A Digital Brand That Lasts

5 tips for creating a long-term online strategy


The long-term success of any brand lies in the loyalty that it can generate. For a brand to last, it should be both irreplaceable by commoditization and able to create an emotional connection. Your brand image is your main tool for influencing the perception of your company and quickly communicating its goals and values. To ensure that it lasts for decades to come, consider the following five factors when branding your company:

Make Use of the Psychology of Color

Colors are evocative and can thus play a major role in communicating your brand's message. Consider the role of colors in your business logo. The logos of famous brands are well known for their use of colors to their brand's advantage. When choosing the colors for your logos, think carefully about how different hues communicate different messages. For example, yellow evokes optimism and warmth, while red signals youthfulness and boldness (think Coca-Cola or Virgin.) Blue, on the other hand, is a perfect choice for a lawyer or a bank, since it denotes trustworthiness and dependability. Careful application of color psychology can help you create a brand image that conveys your brand's message so that it resonates with your audience before you even speak a word.

Invest In Your Branding Without the Immediate Need to Convert

Marketing methods like content marketing are better for creating fans of your brand rather than direct response campaigns. That's a simple fact. In today's online landscape (where social media reigns supreme), these brand fans are immensely important. How are your customers different from your brand fans? Despite being the source of your revenue and the reason that you are in business, your customers may not be in love with your brand. You may just be the most convenient option for them at the moment. On the other hand, your brand fans are your brand's cheerleaders. They are responsible for the overwhelming majority of your word-of-mouth. They will stick with your brand as you grow, and may even pay a little more or be happy to get just a little less than they would with your competitor. Remember, your growth and longevity as a digital brand – not just a company – depend on the deep and personal connections you form with these brand advocates. Nurture these connections through content, social media interactions, and positive customer service experiences.

Maintain Your Brand Message

Your brand consists of the impression that people get when seeing or hearing your name. It may initially have more to do with your logo and site UX than anything else, but your messaging also supports it. Their experience is reflected in their opinions of your company and the products or services it provides. Building a great brand involves a lot of thought and strategy but it also requires a consistent message. In fact maintaining your brand message is arguably the greatest factor in your brand's long-term success. By conveying your desired outlook and attitude, a consistent brand message allows you to manage how people view your company. It shows that you are both professional and stable as an organization. Furthermore, it protects the investment you have made in crafting a logo and building the brand message rather than have that investment eroded by sloppy application.

Keep Your Brand Promises

Every brand makes promises to its customers but only the best brands deliver on them. Your goal should be to set your customers' expectations and then consistently deliver on them. Your brand's promise should be one of the defining factors for your company. If you promise luxury, then you need to deliver on that. A budget product from your luxury brand goes against your promise and tarnishes your brand. Similarly, an expensive offering would violate a promise of affordable products. Failure to keep your brand's promise confuses and disappoints customers. On the other hand, keeping your brand's promise is an excellent way to turn customers into brand fans who talk positively about you. It encourages repeat purchases and provides increased brand awareness.

The Face of Your Brand Should Build Your Brand, Not Their Own

The face of your company is an important branding asset. This is so whether you choose your CEO, a celebrity endorser, or simply a humorous character to represent your brand. As your brand's spokesperson, they are the entry point of your relationship with your audience. Giving your brand a human face is about giving your customers more to trust than just your logo. They must therefore represent your company and not just themselves. Failing to ensure this could give them an incentive to strike out on their own, which may have negative effects on the consistency of your message. It is important that the spokesperson's relationship with your company be symbiotic. They should need your brand as much as you need them.

What did I miss? If you have any additional thoughts on building a digital brand, leave them in the comments below. 

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