Brand Innovation: Why A Business Card Is Your Billboard For Your Enterprise

Whether you are a small or big business, you probably have competitors in your field


Many business owners wonder why some brands are more successful than others are. You may find yourself deliberating what other brands are doing differently. Your brand is your most valuable asset. How you showcase your brand determines the success of your business. Business cards have been nicknamed as 'small billboards.' They are small cards with a powerful impact on potential clients, if written and designed correctly. It is more than just ink on paper. You have to relay a powerful message that will capture the interests of your customers. Business cards are useful tools that every business owner must have!

The current world we live in is hectic, and people are trying hard to make a living. People come across several TV ads, commercials, magazine and online ads on a daily basis. It is hard for people to remember the many online advertisements or the contents of a business card they just received, unless it is outstanding. Do not be lost in all the hype. The trick is knowing what you stand for. Do not get lost trying to copy another “successful” brand’s philosophy. Think about your target audience, industry, and vision of your brand. 

Things to consider when creating business cards for a professional impression

• Paper – The thickness of the paper you use is key. The thicker the card, the more your card will appear professional. Thicker and sturdy cards are more expensive but tend to be more durable. Avoid creating flimsy business cards with low-quality material that will get dented or torn easily.

• Design - The design layout needs to present your contact information and brand elements in the given space. Keep it memorable, clean and classy. Disorganization is a turn-off.

• Brand - Represent your brand with elements like logo, company colors, and fonts. A slogan or a short statement that best describes your values is equally imperative. This will help to reinforce your brand and help your clients remember you and brand quickly.

• Size - The typical size for business cards is 3.5” X 2” to fit perfectly into wallets and business cards holders. You can also make a new design to stand out from the norm, like rounded corners or circle business cards.

• Contact Information- Apart from marketing your brand, contact information is crucial in a business card. It allows existing and new clients to reach you based on their preferred avenue. Include all the contact details that you consider necessary like phone numbers, company website, and email addresses.

Transform your business card into a marketing tool

Do not be discouraged with the current digital wave that characterizes modern life. A well-designed business card remains to be a powerful tool for your enterprise. Image is everything. Your card is the visual representation of you and your company. Believe in yourself and live your dream. You need to stand out from the rest by rising above competition and remain relevant while at it. Do not be too general; create something exciting that people will remember. A business card does not have to be expensive or too classy to sell your business faster. Many businesses spend loads of cash to make expensive business cards that do not add value to their companies. 

A business card epitomizes your business, and so it has to appear professional. The message on it and the design ultimately determine if the customer will love it or not. It best represents who you are, and for that reason, you should consider a lot before coming up with the perfect card. A business card has a direct impact on a potential customer’s decision-making process.

Every brand has a vision that drives them. When you believe in your brand and work your way up to achieve your goals, it shows how determined you are and how well managed your brand is. It is a wise idea to share the philosophy and core values of your business on your business card. This will adequately communicate your vision and show how focused you are to achieving your goals. If you live your vision, then you will not have to explain it on the business card. It should be easy to express your core values on a business card. Any successful brand is a result of a company staying true to their philosophy. Having a vision is one thing. Living it is entirely a different thing. 

You may ask yourself, why is it so important to have a unique business card? If you are indeed serious about growing your brand, you must start considering your business card as your billboard. Be creative and focus on standing out in the crowd. Be a trendsetter and do not be afraid to try new ideas. If you have an average business card, very few people if any will recall the design or the message. You need to have a distinct business card that people will not forget. Crack the code of creativity and feel free to ask for expert advice. 

Coming up with an appropriate business card is both the simplest and most difficult thing to do. This is because a business card may be seen as just a piece of paper with writings. However, they are not ordinary writings. You need to summarize what your business stands for using very few words. Your brand needs to stand out and live its vision. Remember that a well-designed business card is a necessity rather than a luxury.
That said, you should look at your current business card with new eyes. Understand that it is your small billboard that will market your brand for free. Get rid of unnecessary information and make use of both sides. Feel free to distribute your newly designed business card to potential clients and the results will impress you.


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