Boeing opens new business to tackle AI challenges

The Disruptive Computing and Networks is Boeing's new initiative to help tackle AI and advanced computing challenges of the future


Boeing has launched a new group called the Disruptive Computing and Networks (DC&N) which will be tasked with carrying out R&D to provide new solutions for AI, secure communications and complex systems optimization for the firm's governmental and commercial commitments.

The DC&N group is to be based in Southern California operating out of the Boeing Engineering, Test & Technology facility. The new group will work in conjunction with HorizonX, Boeing's investment venture and help it "identify external partners for collaboration to accelerate growth".

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The new R&D group's initial focus will be in the neuromorphic area of computing – processors which mimic the behavior of neurons in the human brain. These processors are capable of providing much quicker solutions to complex problems and recognizing patterns in large data sets.

Speaking on the new announcement, Boeing CTO Greg Hyslop said, "advanced computing and communications technologies are increasingly at the core of all aerospace innovation.

"We're excited to stand up the Disruptive Computing and Networks organization because it will help us develop new businesses and partnerships in this rapidly expanding field," he added

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