Blockchain tech to enhance food and agriculture supply chain

The Dairy Farmers of America has partnered with to integrate blockchain technology for data transparency in the supply chain


US dairy farming company, Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) has announced that it has partnered with the blockchain-powered food supply chain company,, to test its blockchain technology capabilities.

DFA stated that the pilot project aims to leverage technology to "transform the food supply chain for data transparency, so consumers can be confident in their food from farm to fork," and is hoping to enhance transparency within supply chain "and better connect our farm owners with customers," the company explained.

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Additionally, the project will use the platform and integrate data from a number of DFA member farms and a DFA manufacturing plant in order to support consumer engagement.

DFA operates as a national dairy farming cooperative and serves more than 14,500 dairy farmer-members representing more than 8,500 dairy farms across 48 states in the US.

In recent years, The Centre of Disease Control (CDC) has reported numerous cases of agriculture borne disease outbreaks, an issue many believe better tracking of farm produce may be able to prevent. According to DFA's VP of Sustainability, David Darr, the goal of this project is "to evaluate the technology and explore how it might benefit our supply chain."

“Consumers today want to know where their food comes from and blockchain technology, like, gives consumers real-time data, which can really help increase trust and confidence about food production from start to finish,” he said.

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