Blockchain Board of Derivatives unveils hybrid currency trading platform

Hybrid cryptocurrency trading platform aims to provide more control over traders' funds


Cryptocurrency traders now have access to the Blockchain Board of Derivatives (BBOD) which has claimed to be the world's first hybrid cryptocurrency platform. The platform was launched in partnership with GMEX Fusion Technology Suite, which offers crypto asset support and blockchain technology integration.

The BBOD has adopted the speed of centralization and security of decentralization, equating to its description of a hybrid platform, the combined system aims to provide users control of their funds, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin or Ripple.

Additionally, a smart wallet system was introduced which offers traders a customizable option in accordance with their trade needs on the BBOD platform. The platform syncs the smart wallet to its centralized GMEX technology suite, which according to BBOD processes 1,250,000 orders per second with aim to minimize delays in trades.

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Chris Urbanowicz, co-founder and CTO of BBOD, said: "I am so filled with happiness and gratitude for everybody who worked with me to develop this trading platform.

"In 2011, nobody believed in my vision. Now, people all over the world trade on BBOD. It started as a dream, and it grew into a global movement. As we reflect on the past and move forward into the future, the team and I have made it our personal mission to continuously develop the platform.

"We're constantly testing it, improving it, and looking for new ways to make it better each day. This is our journey. Through bold innovation and relentless perseverance, BBOD will continue to flourish as a platform, a team and a community," he added.


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