Big Data Innovation Summit

April 28-29, San Jose 2015


Big Data Innovation is back on the West Coast for the annual flagship summit, driven by the industry’s finest data experts and supported by 800+ attending data practitioners. Hosted by Innovation Enterprise, this content-led summit will feature inspirational keynotes, engaging workshops and unparalleled networking opportunities.

With the global data analytics market set to reach $125 billion worldwide by the end of [DN1] , there is no denying that we are living in the age of Big Data. Almost all companies have access to vast amounts of data, with this increasing exponentially year on year.

Whilst Big Data has revolutionized the way that most businesses operate day to day, challenges still remain for today’s leaders. New technologies and trends such as the Internet of Things, Enterprise Data Strategy & Artificial Intelligence continue to unsettle the road to Big Data success.

Big Data Innovation returns to the West Coast, taking place at the San Jose Convention Center this April 28 & 29. Following tradition, the event will be heavily content led, with a diverse line-up of 60+ industry speakers. We’ll be connecting 800+ elite minds, with no discipline left uncovered, the perfect setting for the entire data team.

“This year the summit will be bringing a fresh look on Big Data, with 7 business and technical focused stages.” said Chris Towers, Big Data Channel Head at Innovation Enterprise. “Each stage will deep dive into a different aspect of the data landscape, with inspirational presentations and actionable insight to implement back in the office.”

So what are the 7 stages to Big Data success this year?

1) The Keynotes

Our Keynotes provide a holistic view of Big Data, identifying emerging technologies and upcoming trends. Heading up the stage this year includes Scientific Games, United Airlines, Hershey, TiVo & more.

2) Data Analytics

The Data Analytics stage explores the process of examining large data sets to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and customer preferences. You’ll discover how data can be used to raise productivity, improve decisions making and sustain a competitive advantage.

3) Hadoop & NoSQL

Are you looking to make your data more scalable, flexible and cost-effective? We’ll be welcoming Sony, Jawbone, Samsung & more to the stage, to discuss Hadoop adoption, governance and security.

4) Data Science

This stage will give insights on how to best extract knowledge from data, the role of the data scientist and building a successful data science team. Sharing their data science journeys include LinkedIn, Citi, Trulia & more.

5) Big Data & Cloud

The Cloud has taken the technology & business world by storm, allowing companies to be more responsive to unexpected operational changes. Presenting this stage includes Foursquare, American Express & Netflix, sharing case studies on cloud strategy, cost management & barriers to cloud implementation.

6) Machine Learning

This technical stage will explore clustering, dimensionality reduction, recommender systems and deep learning, with case studies from MasterCard, LinkedIn and Stanford University.

7) Data Architecture

Data Architects, much like Data Scientists are having a wider influence in the modern organization, playing a crucial part in logical design and how data flows through stages within an infrastructure. Novartis, Live Nation, Walmart Labs & more will explore best practices for data storage and how enterprise data architecture can be achieved.

In addition to these stages, the summit will also provide countless opportunities for networking. This year our Exhibition Zone will also include DataTalent, the perfect setting to meet those hiring and trying to get hired.

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