Big Data & The IoT Are Closer Than Ever

The two exciting technologies need to grow together


The Gartner Hype cycle placed the Internet of Things as the technology that had the most expectation surrounding it in July 2014. This is not surprising given that it gives us the potential to connect almost any device in the world to one another.

It sits right at the top of the 'peak of inflated expectations', whilst Big Data finds itself on the cusp of the 'trough of disillusionment'.

Although this shows that there is currently more excitement around the IoT, the truth is that it just means that Big Data is further along the scale towards the 'plateau of productivity'.

However, the two are intertwined and in many ways will need one another in the future to operate effectively. Therefore, although the development of the Internet of Things is slower than Big Data, Big Data's acceleration ahead is necessary for the overall productivity of them both.

For the Internet of Things to work to its full potential there needs to be the capability for the information being processed and stored effectively and on a huge scale. It has been predicted by Cisco that 21 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2018, each creating data that needs to be stored and analyzed. This is no small task and one that could render the IoT useless in the future, or at least seriously impede its growth.

At present we are not seeing tidal waves of data being created by the IoT, but that is to be expected from a relatively new technology, the increased data will come with wider adoption. The amount of data being created by the billions of extra devices being connected is going to require a new approach to storing and analyzing data, something that will come with new developments in Big Data.

For instance, when we look at the same graph, we can see that the next technology along from Big Data is In-Memory Database Management systems. These are a part of the modern Big Data landscape and are something that we have previously discussed, but with the importance of speedy access and storage, it is going to be one of the cornerstones of future mass data storage.

The success of both will come down to the symbiotic relationship that they have. Big Data will grow more powerful from the usefulness that this huge influx of data will bring and the potential power of the IoT will rely on this data produced being stored and analyzed. The two are intrinsically linked and when they both reach the plateau of productivity on Gartners Hype Cycle, we are likely to see this relationship become even stronger and more reliant on one another.

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