Best User Engagement Methods For eCommerce Sites

Specific ways how video can help your business


For a long time, video sites like YouTube were seen as entertainment hubs that didn’t have much marketing value. But the last few years have proven this idea wrong as more businesses are using video marketing and online video sites to build a following and acquire a large customer base. Businesses are getting more value from their marketing by adding videos to their sales pages. They’re using videos to build a fan base on sites like YouTube. They’re using delivering content in the form of video with great results. Here are some specific ways that video can help your business.

1. Use Content to Showcase Your Products

Content does a great job in engaging consumers and boosting sales. The kind of content that consumers want to read about are product guides and shopping guides. For example, if you are selling women’s clothing, then write a seasonal fashion guide that matches various pieces to form an outfit. If you’re selling watches, then create a guide that describes the types of watches fashion lovers and enthusiasts need in their collection. You have to understand that many consumers want direction when they are shopping. By providing them with a shopper’s guide, they’ll be more inclined to take a look at your various products.

2. Use Message Boxes that Exchange Value for Leads

The best way to engage visitors is to offer them something of value whether it’s a discount, free gift or special promotion. While it’s easy to pull this off, it’s a better idea to get something out of it. Specifically, you should try to get the visitor’s email subscription so that you can follow up and increase conversions. One eCommerce store that is doing this is the vape eCommerce store HaloCigs. When you visit the main halocigs page, you’ll be presented with a message box that offers a 10% coupon in exchange for subscribing to their newsletter. They also make sure that you’re not repeatedly annoyed with this offer by using cookies to show it to their visitors only once.

3. Use Video for Complex Products

Tech and other complex products can be very hard to describe with words alone. Video is one of the best ways to engage your visitors as it helps explain and demonstrate how your products work. People generally don’t mind watching short videos that are related to what they’re looking for or thinking about buying. Videos often boost conversions as they are better at communicating with visitors than traditional means. Invodo, a video production and marketing firm, reports that 7 out of 10 millennials are likely to watch a video when shopping online. They also state that 4 out of 5 shoppers say a video showing how a product or service works is important.

4. Add a Live Chat Function

Tagove reports that 47% of online shoppers are more likely to buy if they could talk to an online assistant. Despite that, many eCommerce stores are still not taking advantage of live chat when it can be easily outsourced. Tagove also reports that live chat has the highest satisfaction levels over other method of communication (including phone). This is important if you want to build the brand equity of your eCommerce site and want to do a better job in engaging your visitors.

5. Get Your Visitors to Download Your App

One of the best ways to engage your visitors is to use mobile marketing. By converting your eCommerce store into a downloadable app, you can offer an incentive for your visitors to download it. Once they download the app, you can get them to opt in to push notifications. Push notifications allow you to send messages directly to mobile devices which is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your prospects and customers. You’ll also be able to use in-app messaging which is one of the most engaging tools you can use due to the fact that it can be triggered based on their actions.

User engagement plays a large role in an eCommerce site’s success. These methods will help you boost your engagement levels immensely, but you should always aim to experiment and find new ways to engage your visitors and boost conversions.

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