Best Jobs In America

We look at Glassdoor's rundown of the 25 best jobs in America


Glassdoor has become one of the world’s leading recruitment and career communities. As part of its service, users can search for companies they want to apply to and see what both their current and previous employees say about them.

The website’s users are then asked to score the company out of 5, whilst also offering up pros and cons and advice on how the company could improve. The site also collects information on salaries and the company’s recruitment process.

In January this year, Glassdoor used all this data to rank America’s top 25 best jobs. Based on the ‘Glassdoor Job Score’, a metric that incorporates earning potential, career opportunities and number of opportunities available, the job with the highest overall score was Physician Assistant, which has a rating of 4.8.

Once proclaimed as the ‘sexiest job in the world’, the position of Data Scientist only comes in at 8th, although we would expect this to rise as more opportunities emerge. According to the list, there are only 3,449 job openings for data scientists, the lowest on the list and in stark contrast to roles that came above it.

Out of the 25 roles, 8 of them were tech-related, with the prospects particularly good if you’re an aspiring Software Engineer, with a healthy 104,828 jobs available. Many of the tech jobs listed also had a base salary of over $90,000, something that will be music to the ears of people who are studying to get into this area.

Sites such as Glassdoor have made the recruitment process that more transparent, helping people get a clearer idea of how the companies they are applying to actually operate. Lists such as this are a good gauge of the jobs that offer the most in terms of career progression, and although it shouldn’t be relied upon to be completely accurate, it’s interesting to see the developments within specific fields.

You can take a look at the list here


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