Becoming A Culturally Successful Organization

​7 secrets to improving your company's culture


One thing that can have a huge impact on a business is company culture. The company culture can be the difference between having productive employees that truly have a passion for what they do and a toxic miserable workplace with high turnover that is prone to lawsuits. If you really want to be successful as an organization, you have to try to foster a positive and productive company culture. Below are seven strategies you can use to improve your company's culture.

1. Make It About Ethics

Sadly, ethics traditionally wasn’t thought of as something businesses should be concerned with. Even after the disastrous Enron scandal in 2001, most companies placed little emphasis on business ethics within their organizations. However, ethical business practices need to be one of the cornerstones of your company culture. If not, employees and even executives in your company could end up breaking the law, and that could damage your brand with the public and lead to multi-million dollar lawsuits and even criminal prosecutions.

2. Make It About Teamwork

Whether it is an office or a factory floor, employees need to cooperate to reach common goals. This is why you need to emphasize the importance of teamwork with your company culture. Everyone, at all levels of your organization, needs to be made to feel that their contribution matters. They should be made to view themselves as team members helping the organization succeed as opposed to cogs in a large machine. That distinction is important for keeping employees motivated.

3. Recognize Individual Employees

However, you shouldn’t solely view employees as a group. People also need recognition as individuals. This is true in regards to human psychology, and it can benefit the organization by producing workers with leadership skills that take an initiative. An employee of the month program can help, but this part of the company culture needs to be demonstrated every day. Managers and supervisors should certainly tell individual employees when they’re doing good work and how their contributions make a difference. They shouldn’t be made to feel that they only communicate with management when something goes wrong.

4. Focus On Technology

Company culture should also be forward leaning. Keeping your company up to snuff with the latest technology and software is a must. One thing that could possibly help your organization is cloud computing. 95% of businesses that responded are using cloud computing. Cloud-based workflow software can help employees complete projects in a digital workspace without anything having to be installed since the software is loaded through the internet.

5. Give Customers The Greatest Importance

If your company’s mission statement doesn’t mention the importance of pleasing your customers, you have a serious issue. As anyone surely knows, if there are no customers, there won’t be a business. The customer is indeed always right, and you should take that to heart, in making sure you do everything you can to insure your customers have the most positive experiences with your products and services.

6. Allow Employees To Better Themselves

If you want to keep employees for the long term, you need to give them the ability to develop themselves within the organization. Promotion is one way to do this, but you should also consider the possibility of allowing employees to continue their education while employed. About 86% of companies surveyed offer some kind of tuition reimbursement or educational assistance program. This can allow employees to obtain new knowledge and skills that can benefit the organization.

7. Integrate Your Company Culture Into Your Branding

If your company culture is up to the mark, you shouldn’t be afraid to integrate it into your branding and marketing strategies. This way, the positive aspects of your company culture are reinforced both with the organization and consumers.

Overall, company culture is important. You need to focus on developing a positive company culture that breeds productivity, employee engagement, ethical business practices, and quality customer service, or your entire organization could suffer as a result.

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