Become a Social Media Powerhouse

Three tips to achieving social success online


Social media has become the answer to many marketing conundrums. Whether it’s improving the interactions a company has with its customer base or finding new avenues to drive sales, you can guarantee that social media will enter the discussion at some point.

There’s good reason for this. For certain companies, it has allowed them to develop a tone of voice from talking directly with their customers, rather than just advertising to them.

Take Staples, the office supplies and furniture company, which on the face of it looks like every marketers worst nightmare. Yet through their Twitter account, they’ve managed to develop a tone of voice which paints their company culture in a far more convivial light, posting humorous content about office life.

So what are the three ways companies can become social media powerhouses?

Don’t concentrate your efforts on one platform

You may see some articles advising companies to concentrate on one social media platform. After all, surely it’s better to be brilliant on one platform than average on all of them. The problem is, by doing that you’ll alienate many potential customers.

The majority of companies are savvy to this - most will post more on one specific channel than others but continue to have a presence on all of them - as they understand that every network can bring in unique leads.

Spread the risk and make sure that you’re covering all the bases.

Be unique

‘How can we stand out?’ is a question that social media marketers must continually be asking themselves. New content is added to social media every second - which is good for consumers - but ultimately makes it difficult for companies to produce stand-out content.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that companies should resort to spamming new product information and offers. Social media gives marketers an opportunity to be creative and to produce a strategy which would have been outside of their remit a decade ago.

Most organizations - when attempting to differentiate their work from the rest - look to emerging platforms, with the hope that they’ll be seen as ‘the’ brand on the network. Companies like Taco Bell, Dunkin’ Donuts and Sony, for example, are influential on Vine because they started using it early on.

Develop a tone of voice

As mentioned at the top of this article, the companies which do well on social media put considerable emphasis on developing a tone of voice.

It gives your brand consistency and creates clear associations with your customers. This tone might be authoritative, humorous, or esoteric. Whatever style a company opts for, it must be maintained so that when a post comes up, the consumer knows exactly who’s responsible for it.

This should form the basis of a company’s social media strategy, as the earlier it can be done, the quicker your social media exploits will be successful.


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