Are You Using Hadoop Properly?

As we move in to 2015, we look at how you should be using Hadoop


Although 2014 has seen the buzz around Hadoop growing even further, companies need to make sure they are not simply keeping up with the neighbours, but actually utilizing Hadoop to take full advantage of its capabilities.

We have seen that companies have not been scared to deploy Hadoop programmes, but it often simply reflects a willingness to achieve costs savings on the processes they are already implementing on their existing frameworks. This means that the full potential that Hadoop possesses is not realized.

A focus on looking at the issues that they are currently facing and solving them through old means, allows people to become frustrated with the promise of Hadoop not being fulfilled. For instance, if you were to run a simple visualization through Hadoop, it would make little difference to the outcome. This would make employees question why the changeover was merited when the older system could do the same work.

The true power of Hadoop is in the ability to undertake tasks that are far more complicated than legacy systems would have been able to. This includes advanced modelling, machine learning and data mining beyond the capacities that many before have had. It has the potential to truly revolutionise the way companies look at, and interact with, data.

It creates systems where it becomes possible to be proactive with data, rather than simply displaying the data you have, it will help you to find new patterns and trends that may be invisible to you through your original data processing methods.

This transformation is about more than simply implementing Hadoop though. It requires the correct training and the correct people to make sure that it is being optimized and fully understood. If this is not the case, it will again have limited success, meaning that the overall value to the business compared to existing systems would hinder its future progress.

So as we move further into 2015, there are two key aspects to look at when implementing Hadoop:

  • Make sure the processes that you are using Hadoop for are truly making the most of what it can do.
  • Have good people in charge of it, to give you the best chance of utilizing it effectively. 

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