AWS RoboMaker made available to developers

The new service aims to assist developers working on robotics applications by reducing the time it takes to configure infrastructure and software


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that its AWS RoboMaker service has been made available for use by developers.

The service has been designed to assist developers in the development, testing and deployment of robotics applications, offering intelligent robotics build functions via cloud services.

AWS RoboMaker extends open source robotics software framework Robot Operating System (ROS) with connectivity to AWS services such as machine learning, monitoring and analytics.

The service will provide an AWS Cloud9-based robotics integrated development environment for application development, robotics simulation to accelerate application testing and fleet management for remote application deployment, update and management.

AWS RoboMaker general manager Roger Barga said: "AWS RoboMaker provides prebuilt functionality to support robotics developers during their entire project, making it significantly easier to build robots, simulate performance in various environments, iterate faster and drive greater innovation."

By providing software and services for customers to develop, test and deploy intelligent robotics applications at scale, AWS RoboMaker will aim to address some of the challenges currently facing developers such as the lack of machine-learning knowledge, or the time-consuming processes of configuring infrastructure and software, and building or integrating robotic solutions with an over-the-air system.

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Brad Porter, VP and distinguished engineer of Robotics at Amazon, commented: "We believe AWS RoboMaker will be impactful to advanced robotics operations across the world by greatly decreasing cost and time to production."

The service's development environment will enable developers to start application development with a single click in the AWS Management Console, and automatically provisions the underlying infrastructure, downloading, compiling and configuring of the operating system, development software and ROS.

According to AWS, AWS RoboMaker's robotics simulation can set up large-scale and parallel simulations with prebuilt worlds such as indoor rooms and retail stores, which will allow developers to test applications on-demand and run multiple simulations in parallel.

Hamid Montazeri, VP of SW engineering and robotics at Stanley Black & Decker, remarked: "With AWS RoboMaker, we are able to easily test the robotics-related software applications in a cloud environment, and rapidly generate synthetic imaging data to train our 3D site model creation algorithms.

"The integration between AWS RoboMaker fleet management and AWS Greengrass makes it really easy to enable communications among ground vehicles, drones and IoT solutions."

Don Bossi, president of For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), an international youth organization which develops ways to inspire engineering and technology students, added: "Offerings like these make it easier for FIRST to meet its mission – to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators by engaging them in mentor-based, science-focused programs."

AWS has made both source code and documentation of the AWS RoboMaker cloud extensions for ROS publicly available under the terms of the Apache Software License 2.0, initially to developers in the US and the EU. Amazon said it planned to expand the service to additional regions in the coming year. 

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