Availability of Novetta Entity Analytics announced

Organizations that have accessed the AWS Marketplace will now be able to benefit from improved data analytics


Novetta Entity Analytics is now available on the AWS Marketplace, as announced by Novetta, a leader in advanced analytics technology and an advanced consulting partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). Novetta Entity Analytics is a multi-source data integration and entity resolution solution. Using it, data analysts are now able to digest large volumes of disparate data. It creates an integrated, 360-degree view of people, locations, and organizations, allowing for powerful analytics across a wide range of use cases. This includes national security (bad actor threat assessments, targeting, vetting); healthcare (optimized patient care delivery, opioid response, entitlements fraud and abuse) and; state and local elections (voter registration fraud and deconfliction).

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This technology allows organizations to perform advanced analytics that addresses mission-critical questions, on-demand. Additionally, the Novetta Entity Analytics has a simple installation and pay-as-you-go pricing.

"Novetta Entity Analytics delivers one of the industry's most proven, scalable entity resolution capabilities," said Chris Hagner, Novetta senior vice president, products, and technology. "We are excited at the opportunity to deliver Novetta Entity Analytics to enterprises through the AWS Marketplace, building on the ease of use, affordability, and flexibility of AWS."

Organizations that have previously accessed AWS Marketplace will now be able to benefit from the speed, scalability, and clarity that Novetta Entity Analytics brings to large-scale data challenges.

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