Augmented Reality And Social Media: A Match Made In Heaven?

Social media is the fastest path to public recognition and AR could put it into hyperdrive


A strong social media presence is paramount to the success of digital marketing strategies. Standing out in this tumultuous ecosystem is a daunting task, though, and marketers are constantly looking for new tools and tactics. One of the striking new possibilities comes in the form of augmented reality (AR).

Not to be confused with virtual reality (VR), it holds great potential in terms of reaching and engaging a target audience. Namely, AR blurs the lines between the digital and real world. Their convergence creates a unique chance for brands not only to spark attention, but also retain it and stay present in users’ minds.

Reality check

There is little doubt that AR is a potent and versatile technology. It can be used to promote products and services, but also to handle day-to-day interactions with consumers. In a nutshell, AR equips brands with a means of fostering a great, interactive UX and enhancing conversion rates across social media channels.

This is not just another buzzword to join the ranks of other fads: AR gives birth to a completely new target market.

For now, it may seem relatively small, but that is going to change rapidly. The use of augmented reality is mostly tied to mobile devices that already account for the largest share of the market. Moreover, newer models like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X feature an integrated AR experience through iOS 11. This will propel the development of AR further and lead to rapid growth of the whole sector.

On the go

Given the previous information, it is time for social channels to implement ways of delivering this kind of interactive functionality as well. Snapchat seems to be leading the way with a new AR feature that allows users to project themselves or images into the real world via smartphone cameras. Facebook and other major networks have no intention of lagging behind and are figuring out the best tactic to tap into this trend.

Likewise, we expect big brands to start following this example and start devising ways of projecting products into consumers’ homes. IKEA already rolled out an app that enables customers to preview how pieces of furniture fit into their living environments. For now, it is estimated that 25% of brands consider embracing this trend for marketing purposes.

Some brands and companies struggle to capitalize on this trend, so they outsource related tasks or hire professionals. After all, an augmented reality tactic should fit the overall marketing and branding strategy. To achieve consistency, you can opt for branding agencies and don’t fret because you would be spending your marketing dollars well.

Name of the social game

Rest assured that customers are eager to become a part of this brave new, spellbinding world. They recognize the value of trying out products before actually making a purchase. It must be said that millennials and younger customers are the first and most eager to dive in, but other segments of the population are likely to be awakened to the draw of this tech as well.

So, don’t fail to link your business to technology and make headway towards your goals. There is no better place to carry out this merger than on social media.

However, you cannot just use AR for the sake of it and hope to elevate your marketing right away. To get the most bang for your buck, make sure that AR content is relevant to user’s intent and can be easily shared. Do your homework, familiarize yourself with how the tech works, and put a solid strategy in place.

See for yourself

Marketers and businessmen should bet big time on using AR for social media. You know what they say: seeing is believing.

This marvel of modern technology takes the marketing and branding efforts to the next level. The top dogs have risen to the occasion and others will have to shape up or lag behind.

Yes, AR is still in its infancy, but with the help of social media, it could quickly enter the mainstream. Spending on it is going to increase in 2018 and beyond, so leverage AR right now if you really mean to gain a competitive edge. 


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