Artificial Intelligence Is Giving Recruitment An Edge

Discover the world's best talent with the competitive edge of AI Recruiting


Artificial intelligence (AI) has penetrated a number of sectors in a bid to make work easier. Of these sectors, recruitment has seen a major positive change in the process of hiring. Factors such as time, resources, cost per screening and more have had a great impact with the introduction of AI in recruiting.

AI in recruitment is using artificial intelligence to problem-solve in the process of recruitment. Essentially, it is making use of AI to make things simpler for employees by automating processes that do not require human intervention. Screening of candidates and analyzing are some of the tasks that AI can help with. One can think of numerous other benefits of AI in recruiting to make the process simpler and quicker:

Screening less time-consuming

When asked about the biggest challenge in recruitment, most recruiters state screening as the answer. Approximately 52% of talent sourcing leaders consider finding ideal candidates from a large pool of resources to be a great challenge. With AI for recruiting, the task of manual screening is eliminated to a large extent. This task is automated with AI integrated into your recruiting system and helps to speed up screening. As a result, the time taken to hire is significantly reduced, thereby reducing the cost per hire.

Improved quality of candidates hired

In the past, measuring the quality of a recent hire was a bit sketchy due to recruiters inability to know how the employee performed once they were onboard. Since the performance of the candidate is a major criterion in determining if they were indeed a quality acquisition, the use of artificial intelligence is the perfect addition in the process to fill in this gap. AI can help match the right candidates, take their experience, skills, and knowledge into account relative to the requirements of the job, making sure the match is exact or as close to it as possible.

Reduction in turnovers

With AI taking up the task of selecting the right candidates with the help of job matching, the chances of employees being unhappy in the roles they have is less likely. HR data has proven to be a reliable source in order to create strategies, analyze, and predict possible outcomes. By sourcing the right candidates using AI and data, the turnover within companies reduces significantly with both employees and employers being content with the position they are in and the outcome.

Increased productivity

Job matching through the use of artificial intelligence in recruitment has led to more employees being satisfied with their job profiles. This automatically translates to an increase in productivity. With AI taking on most of the load, the recruiting team and HR professionals will also have the bandwidth to expand their roles. They can focus on tasks that really need manual intervention rather than on those that can be automated with the help of AI.

Artificial intelligence in hiring software has certainly given recruitment the edge it needs with cost reduction, less workflow disruption, and efficient use of resources.


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