Are You Paying Attention?

Attention metrics are the new way of advertising on the internet, are you paying attention to them?


It is the difference between a marketing campaign being a success or a failure, how much impact an article can have or how many people will watch a video. It is essentially what every person is aiming for on the internet.

Therefore, it seems increasingly strange that the actual attention paid, has long been ignored when it comes to advertising online.

Since advertising on the internet became a thing, it was measured in the same way as traditional advertising, i.e. the number of people visiting a certain area or watching a certain thing. This does not take into consideration how people are digesting the information and why they are finding it interesting.

Attention metrics change this.

They allow the owners of the content to pinpoint how long people are engaging with particular content, whilst also allowing them to track what other content they are engaging with. This means that a profile of interests can be created.

This then allows an in depth analysis of what particular audiences would be interested in or how long people are likely to be on a page for. This information allows advertisers to choose an advert placement based on the time people will actually spend looking at adverts on a page rather than simply seeing how many people have seen the page.

At the moment, some advertisers are looking at these kind of metrics in addition to the numbers of visitors and making a judgement based on both. It makes a good balance as it gives a good idea of how many will see a particular ad and how long the majority of those will actually be engaging with it.

Content is king and attention is what puts it on the throne.

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