Apple unveils the most advanced iPad to date

Developments in Apple's new iPad Pro show the company is "blurring the lines between the iPad, the Mac and the iPhone" says analyst Gene Muenster


Apple's new iPad Pro led the charge as Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled a number of new products at the company's second keynote in two months.

At its event last month Apple unveiled the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, as well as the Apple Watch series 4, while on October 30 the tech giant launched the new iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini.

The new iPad Pro has been touted as the most significant and influential of the new releases, with updates the company stated are "the biggest change to the iPad since its inception eight years ago".

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At around 15% slimmer than its predecessor, the iPad Pro supports face ID and USB-C, as well as the ability to charge iPhones. Other features include near edge-to-edge display, rounded corners and an iPad Pro Pencil which magnetically connects to the side of the device and is aimed at the more creative of Apple's customers.

It is available in two sizes, with the 12.9-inch version starting at $999 and the smaller 11-inch iPad starting at $799.

"We see today's iPad Pro updates as an indication of the blurring the lines between the iPad, the Mac, and the iPhone," Loup Venture analyst Gene Muenster wrote in a note. "Adding tech from the iPhone like FaceID, along with full Adobe apps, Xbox-level graphics, and a USB-C port that we usually associate with a Mac makes its "tablet" categorization more ambiguous. This may increase Apple's addressable market by effectively creating a lower entry point for a full-fledged 'computer'."

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