Apple to invest $1bn in its new Austin campus

Apple has unveiled its latest US-based facility as part of its promise to create 20,000 jobs by 2023 and support the US economy and its workforce


Apple has announced a $1bn investment to develop a new 133-acre campus in Austin, Texas that will accommodate 5,000 new employees with the potential to create an additional 15,000 jobs, the company stated.

In a statement, Apple claimed that, with the new campus, it expects to become the largest private employer in Austin.

Furthermore, the $1bn investment builds on the company's commitment to support the US economy and its workforce. The company announced in January that it is on track to create 20,000 jobs across the country by 2023 with a $350bn contribution to the US economy. The jobs created at the Austin campus will vary from engineering, R & D, finance and sales.

Austin already has an Apple campus which houses 6,200 employees which, according to Apple, is the company's largest population of Apple employees outside of its California headquarters.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook commented: "Apple is proud to bring new investment, jobs and opportunity to cities across the US and to significantly deepen our quarter-century partnership with the city and people of Austin.

"Talent, creativity and tomorrow's breakthrough ideas aren't limited by region or zip code and, with this new expansion, we're redoubling our commitment to cultivating the high-tech sector and workforce nationwide."

Apple also discussed its plans of developing new offices in Seattle, San Diego and Culver City and expanding in cities across the US including Pittsburgh, New York and Boulder, Colorado within the next three years "with the potential for additional expansion elsewhere in the US over time".

Additionally, the company has also announced plans to invest $10bn in US data centers over the next five years. Its data centers in North Carolina, Arizona and Nevada are currently being expanded, according to the tech mogul. "In Iowa, preparations are underway for the company's newest data center in Waukee."

Apple added that all of the company's data centers are run on 100% renewable energy.

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