Apple to begin production of AR glasses at end of year

Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that the tech giant's first AR product could be on the shelves as soon as early 2020


Apple will begin mass production of its first generation of augmented reality (AR) glasses as early as 1Q19, respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted, meaning the product could be on the shelves at the beginning of 2020. He added that he believes the product will more than likely begin to be mass-produced early in 2020, however, with 2Q20 being the latest it would start production.

The first-generation of AR glasses would likely be heavily dependent on the iPhone, according to the analyst. He stated that he believes the product would basically act as a display but with actual computing, rendering, internet connectivity and location services derived from the users' iPhone, with the assumption that it will work wirelessly in tandem like an Apple Watch.

The claim follows a prediction Ming-Chi Kuo made in August last year that forecast that AR glasses would be released in 2020. In the speculative note, he explained that Apple's AR smart glasses would combine of the digital and physical worlds, becoming Apple's next major user interface similar to how the iPhone introduced multi-touch touchscreens.

In the 2018 note, Ming-Chi Kuo anticipated that AR glasses, alongside the Apple car, would allow the tech giant to reach its next goal to hit the $2 trillion mark in terms of company value, writing, "services, AR, and Apple Car will create Apple's next trillion-dollar market cap". 

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